Saturday, August 25, 2012

Laptop computer made from Binaca breath strip case

Still wet with glue a laptop computer made from a Binaca breath strip case found at drugstores and dollar stores.  Cost is only a $1.00.    Visit Jims Printable Minis-click on 1" and scroll down to Computers. Choose the one you like and print out on a cardstock type paper.

The back side of finished mini computer
To do this project you will need an Binaca case, small  piece of black card stock, I used a Christmas card sample, Black enamel nail polish, goop glue, a saw and a nail emery board.  Go to Jim's Printable Minis and click on 1 inch scale -scroll down to computer as shown on picture above.  I printed out the picture on a card stock

This is the side view of the case with the lid open

This is the case closed on my fingertips

I cut the bottom for the computer out from the card stock and used that as my guide for how long to make the computer from the lid portion..  Then I cut the back side of the case off to glue to the computer because it has the rounded backside.

The lid portion has a slight lip on it that needs cut off with an exacto knife.  Do not cut towards your thumb.  This plastic is soft but do this slow and on a cutting board. 

Using Goop glue, it adheres to plastic really well, glue the rounded back portion to the front

Use a vice to grip the case until the glue dries
My kind of thinking.  I agree Give and it shall be given back to you 100 times plus!!  Click on the article to enlarge and read.

Use black nail enamel, apply several coats to all areas, leaving dry between coats.  If there is a gap on the back where you joined the other piece to the front, fill with nail enamel and it will disappear.  The next step is to cut out the keyboard and cut it down to size for the bottom portion.  Then cut out the screen and cut to fit.  The black card stock is used for the back side of the lid.  Cut to fit and be equal with the screen portion on the front.  When glue is dry I coated all with gloss Modge podge.  Don't forget to glue the bottom portion from your printie  to the bottom of your laptop.    This was my very first try and I think it came out pretty good.  However there is always room for improvement.  If I make another one I will use a round tooth pick cut off to fit the top of the lid where the screen and black cardboard meet, to seal the gap.  I tried to fill with nail polish and glue and it has a rugged appearance in the picture.  When you make yours use a tooth pick cut to size to fill the gap.  I ran out of time today and wanted to get this posted for you all to enjoy.

P.S.  After a sleepless night over the too rugged appearance of the top of the computer, I got up early Sunday morning and cut and painted the round toothpick and glued to the top of the lid.  It just was too sloppy looking.  In the picture it looked bad, but just sitting there it looked pretty good.  The camera will not hide a multitude of sins, unless you have  Photoshop.

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