Sunday, August 5, 2012

Miniature Stone Head Planters

If you have been following my blog, July 15 and before, I blogged about Life size stone statues I thought were pretty neat and said it was the inspiration for some miniature ones.  Well I have been working since that time and have come up with miniature ones for a garden scene.   I couldn't wait to share with you, so here they are unlandscaped.  The next time I hope to have the flowers planted in their heads.  I poured the heads from molds I have.  I used the ceramic clay cutoffs that I keep.  I reconstituted them in a blender, and since there was a lot of air bubbles I got some holes in the finished product.  It makes it look more rustic.  After firing I glued onto a body.  I used paper clay to fill out the body on all the heads.  It also hid the boobs a little bit and the seams on the neck.  This is the first time out with paper clay.  I like it a lot.  I could have smoothed out the seams and wrinkles with water but I liked the roughness of it, making it look more like cement.  The package is real shiny so I did not get a picture of it.  I got it at Michael's.  It is very soft, has the feel of the old bread dough clay.  It dries very quickly.  Rick Pierce uses this on his creations, houses, and it is very rustic and real looking.  A couple months ago in one of the miniature magazines he demonstrated how to make shingles on a house with it.  It dries very hard, can be carved and textured when wet and dry.  It is an air dry clay.

 The three Stooges, Gone with the Wind and The Oz characters all about 1 3/4 inches tall
I painted all with acrylic paint.  First in dark grey, next in a watered down turquoise and then I dry brushed a light grey over the patina.  I could have added sand to give it a gritty look like cement but I liked it just like it was.  If you click on the picture you will see they are very antique looking.  I might dry brush a little dark grey over the top or glue moss on the finished product. The Scottie dog was a brass finial I found in a box of junk from an auction that I have been saving for years.

I think it will be fun looking for floral components in my miniature stash.  The next time I hope to be finished and share the final edition with you. 

 The next picture is a possibility.  My daughter got some stereo equipment and this was in the packaging.  As I was throwing it away I saw a garden with the boxwood hedges already in place, a round circular path  and in each corner a riser for flower pots.  Wow what a treasure!   I just may use this as the showcase for my head statues.  The circular area could be the yellow brick road!  I am seeing granite textured spray paint all over the base to give the look of stone.  The raised areas around the squares could be covered in green planting material to look like hedges, stone paths, a brick wall outside. 

I am anxiously awaiting  for the return of the  Japanese Name swap items in the mail.  It will give me something to look forward to this week.  I will share the finished projects with you and the shadow boxes I will be making with the items.  It is always fun waiting for and finally receiving a package in the mail.    There are so many talented miniaturists in the world.  I enjoy each and every one of the items that someone has taken so much time to create.

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