Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dollar Store Finds-Hood Hounds

Any one with a Dog knows what I'm talking about on this!

11 of the 12 available of Hood Dogs

Incredible detail of these Dogs

You can run but never hide from a Dog, they will find you!

The other day I went on my lunch hour to Deals, a dollar store and owned by the Dollar Tree.  Upon checking out a little girl was at the gumball machines and she was so excited about the dogs she got out of one of the machines.  Well I just had to check it out, and when I did, That girl has good taste.  The above dogs, Hood Dogs, are so incredibly detailed and painted so great.  The seam lines are totally un-noticeable.  There are 12 total and I got 11 before I ran out of money.  I did not get any duplicates, so someone did a good job loading up that machine.  They are not cheap plastic and the paint finish is very nice.  Nothing else needs done to these dogs. I was totally excited about these little dogs.  They aren't a quarter any more  .75 was the cost of each, but well worth it.  Every scene can use a good dog! 

In case you haven't check out Gum ball machines lately, give it a try.  I was equally astounded at Giant Eagle with the tiny puppies they had in one, and tiny trolls in another.


  1. That sign is too funny as is the "nose" pic. But the toys are really cute.

  2. I know just what you mean, my dogs know when I say to my son in code we will take the dogs soon for a walk, now we do not say the w word, but they are at the door, how do they do that? love the little doggies great find