Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween furniture from laser cut kits

Remember when leaves used to be funRaking huge piles large  enough to run and jump into.  Children laughing and dogs barking.  Every one getting into the action.  Even the dogs like to hide in the leaves.  Afterwards a quick bath and hot soup, homemade bread, and fresh baking apple pie.  Hot chocolate as a warm up during the festivities.  We used to burn our leaves.  The pungent smell in our nostrils still returns and memories flood back, long forgotten when I smell the scent of the woodsy leaves burning in the air.  Now they get shredded and put into a mulch pile to compost for the soil the next year.  They seem more of a yearly chore than fun!  It's pretty quiet as well.  A hot bath and liniment rub seem to be more welcome these days, but I must admit it is good exercise, of which I feel those benefits for at least a week after!

The furniture is this blog I purchased at the Philadelphia Miniaturia show last year.  They are laser cut and the detail is outstanding.  Because they have to cut so many at a time  to be cost effective, they kits are very reasonable, and very easy to put together.  The Dresser is all from wood, and notice the spider web front on it.  The stool that goes with the dresser has spider webs on the ends.  The skeleton chair has 3-d effects on the bones that make it look like its hand carved.
The mirror has a face etched onto it, the purple wooden dresser has drawers that open up and can hold things.  The letters are raised and engraved into the wood.
The skeleton is from yesterdays blog hanging out at this wonderfully detailed spiderweb table.
These wonderful kits  and many more can be purchased at
She is always at the Philadelphia Miniaturia Show in Philadelphia, Pa in November.  Most of her kits at the show are made up and just seeing them you want them all.    All the kits are very accurate and no cutting or sanding was necessary.  I enjoyed the detail of these kits, laser cutting has brought miniatures to a hole new level.  There is always a line and a whole lot of people at her table.  Even though she brings a lot of stock, try to go to her table first to get items before they are sold out.
She does a lot of different scales in the same design so every one can be Happy!


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  1. ...and now the thought of jumping into a pile of leaves makes me itch. LOL