Sunday, September 23, 2012

Halloween Ghost Trick or Treater- Mini Tutorial

If you right click on this picture you can save it to your picture file and then print it out for a sign.  Glue onto cardboard .
This is a simple and fast project that could be done with a club in an evening.   I did this for American Miniaturist a few years back.  You will need: Mini plastic shoes from cake decorating store from the baby  shower section, A piece of white material or a Kleenex for the ghost cover, tiny Styrofoam ball for the head, tiny black dots for the eyes or 3 mm google eyes if you can find them,  A small scrap of material for jeans or pants..  String for the tie, a pumpkin or the bags below for treats and candy pictures found in the coupon section of grocery, drug store adds.  Three pipe cleaners, black paint or desired color for shoes and Fabritack glue-Joanne Fabrics.  Tooth pick for the nose.

Side view of the trick or treater

Close up of the feet with tread tied in a bow for shoe strings

Treat bags for gifts or candy.  Right click and save to picture file.  Print on a card stock for extra support.  Fold on lines and glue.
To make a form for the ghost, attach a pipe cleaner into a small Styrofoam ball with glue.  Into the Styrofoam ball insert a toothpick for the nose.  Cut off desired size and using an emery board to round off.   Decide on the height wanted for you little person  and attach another pipe cleaner that has been folded in half for the legs to the head section.  Fold another pipe cleaner in half and use for the arms.  Cut after placing and wrapping around the body section.  The hands or mitts are formed by looping the ends. 
Make tubes of the material desired for the pants and attach now to the bottoms of the legs.  Tubes made using Fabritack glue.  This glue drys fast and is clear.  Now cut the legs to the height you want and glue into shoes which have been painted desired color.   To keep the ghost easy to work with I work on top of Styrofoam and stick the pipe cleaner with the shoes into it.  When all is dry I cut the bottom pipe cleaner sticking out of the shoe.  Tie a bow from string or thread and attach as a tie for the shoe.
The white cover is a circle cut larger than needed and attach the center of the circle to the head with a little glue.  Now drape and create small darts around the head.  When happy tie a piece of string around to form the neck.  Drape the rest around and over the hands.  You will have drapes and folds.  Cut the length to just about where the knees would be, to still see the shoes and pants.  Glue google eyes or black dots punched from black scrapbook paper.
The candy is cut from adds from the paper.  I like the small Monthly savings book from Walmart.  The pictures in it are already the size needed.  Right now its all about candy in all the adds.  Cut your pictures out and glue to card stock.  Arrange in pumpkin or treat bags, building the bottom up with tissue paper.  This same principle can be used for batman or other super heros using black or red cloth.

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