Sunday, September 30, 2012

Halloween- How to Alter plastic skeltons and other mini finds

Fall is finally here.  My favorite time of year.  We had our first frost last week and the leaves are turning very quickly.

This is a mini How to on changing the position of the arms and legs on the plastic skeltons in the Dollar store right now.
You can put the skelton in water and zap in the microwave for a few seconds and then bend where you want arms and legs bent or use a heat tool for Embossing in scrapbooking. Turn heat on using the tool and hold over area until you see a little movement.  Turn off gun and bend at that area, holding until cool.  I did the shoulders, feet and knees, elbows.  The one on the right is before, the one on the left is sitting down, even though the picture isn't very good.  I'm going to make a few to sit around the table and play cards with different pieces of clothes on, but still have the bones show thru so you see it is a skelton.
Here is an idea for miniature , even though this one is from larger than life.  I found this on Pinterest.  It could be adapted in miniature using the plastic skeltons and  heating up their arms.  Really cute.
This is another idea from Pinterest that could be adapted for mini use.  Too cute.!
If you don't have time for making pumpkins out of Fimo clay I found these pods at Michaels.  They are called Mini Cosses, Mini Pods.  5.99 but I used a coupon for 40%.  There are over 100 in this container.  I wonder if I could grow the seeds inside the pods?  They look rustic like they are, but you could slap some orange paint on them and they would be perfect.  White , black and orange pumpkins, anyone?
Shown next to a wooden 1/12 scale chair, I found these small childs plastic chairs, 10 to a package in the party favors at Dollar Tree.  It is a stacking game of some kind.  It would be great for a reading circle for dolls or a school room.  Remember those small chairs we used to sit on all in a circle  while the teacher read?    Paint them a wood color, or primary colors. 

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