Saturday, September 22, 2012

Halloween Mini Cupcake Tutorial with mold

These are tiny cupcakes I made from a very easy mold that you can make as well.

The mold is made from Sculpty Mold Maker.  It is found at Michael's and Hobby Lobby where the clay is found.  Very easy to work with.  This is very soft and after baked is a flexible silicone mold that can be reused over and over.  I made a 4 inch piece  long and about 1 inch wide.  Make the depth about 1/2 inch deep.  The cupcake molds are electrical connectors, found at a hardware store.  About 12 for 99 cents.  These are the smallest they make.  They are grey.  Electricians attach these to the wires after they have wrapped them.   Notice the grooves in the connectors.  These transfer over to the mold.  Set the mold into the refrigerator for about 15 minutes.  Remove from the Frig and insert the connectors about half way up.  Slowly REMOVE the connectors as not to mess up the design.   Bake the mold at  250 degrees for 15 minutes.  Do not bake with the plastic connectors in the mold.  Allow to cool before using.

Close up of connectors and the design

This is a paper crimper in tiny size found at Archivers Paper store.  It is so tiny as seen in the white paper in the foreground.  This can be the paper liners if you so desire.  It can be glued around as cupcake liners.  I used the real cupcake liners of any color. They will hold the crimp nicely.  I you do not want to use this, the crimp in the mold is very nice.  The bottom of the cupcake can be painted and it looks like a liner.  I choose on the ones in the picture to just leave as is.

Studio G punches found at Walmart in the bins near the scrap book department.  I have saw these at Hobby Lobby and Michael's, and Joanne Fabrics near the bins where you check out.  They are very tiny punches and what I used for the decoration on the top.  I especially like the cat and the bat.  A tray of these could also be  made into cookies.  I used scrapbook paper, but you could also use very thin Fimo.

Knead Fimo until very soft.  Roll into a coil and push very hard into the already baked mold to get the ridges in the clay.  The ball on the end of the mold is put on top to get the mounded look on the cupcake.

Bake cupcakes 250 degrees for 15 minutes.  Allow to cool and then quickly remove from the mold.  You are baking and softening the mold again so it has to harden back up.

A close up look at the cupcake.  The bottom needs trimmed off with  a razor blade to allow it to sit flat.  Cut off to desired height.  The paints I used for icing were black and orange puffy paints.  Dip and allow to dry slightly before adding the decorations.  I used tweezers for this process because they are so small.  White caulking could be used or Gesso with a touch of paint could be used for icing.  I like the shiny look.    
I hope you enjoy this mini cupcake tutorial.  Let your imagination go and you will find all kinds of cupcakes to make.  A trip to the local library or online  will give you lots of ideas .  There are so many books out just on cupcakes.  Pininterest has a ton of pretty pictures to look at.   After making these mini delights, I just may have to go into the kitchen and make the real thing.  Chocolate is my favorite with cream cheese and chocolate chip centers.!   

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  1. cute. And thanks for the tutorial. I will be using it soon!