Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Japanese Wall Box #1 using Swap items

I like this sunset, reminds me of an Eastern Sunset
Here is the first  wall box using the NAME swap items in a Japanese theme.  I used a shadow box that was all black and had some scratches on it.  I painted everything red, then put on a crackle and repainted black on top.  The crackle came in red.  The paint is much more interesting and the red accents the reds in the box items.  I took the picture without the glass for easy viewing.  Click on picture to enlarge and see detail.
I used a bamboo place mat cut up for the bamboo floor.  The rug is a book mark, replica of an oriental Rug that I got at the Chicago Art Museum.  The table is from the Dollar Tree and I painted red, crackle coat and then black over top. 
I incorporated Origami paper, painted handkerchiefs, postcards, paper umbrellas, and nail decals that have the word in Japanese and in English.  I used them on the wall next to the ladies heads.  The lanterns are from Jim's Printables, printed out on card stock.
The rest of the items are part of the swap items.  I have more to go and another box to share as soon as it is finished.
I have always had a love of the Asian culture ever since reading Pearl S Bucks book the Good Earth.  I loved the book and understood the culture, but alias my teacher did not have the same love and understanding during an oral book report,  in front of the class, some unenlightened kid had to stop me in my tracks and ask what a Concubine was.  Book report over and a nasty note that the book was too advanced for an 8th grader!!  That did not stop me I went on to read all of Pearl's great writings.
Her writings inspired me to take Chinese language classes a decade ago during a rough time in my life.  Unfortunately I was also taking Spanish, French, and sign language at the same time, in an effort to keep my mind and heart occupied.  Not much stuck but a few verses and phrases.  It is  a beautiful language to      learn.     I did have a practice partner to practice with.  We spent more time laughing at our selves.  She   was learning Chinese because her request for adoption was being reviewed   and  she would be traveling to China to pick up her child.
I lost contact with her after the class, but she was a great lady.  I was saddened just over a month ago to see she passed away after a long battle with cancer.  Her adopted 12 year old Chinese son was listed.  I am glad she finally got to go to China to pick up her child and experience the joy of Motherhood. 

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