Saturday, September 8, 2012

Mini bottles at Dollar Tree-Nail art

A great day to be a Miniaturist!! Look at the bottles found at Dollar Tree right now in the makeup -nail area. Each has the  Greenbrier International name on it, so all Dollar trees should have it.  That is their brand.
Each filled with good stuff we can use in all areas of our mini projects.  Diamond dust, use as sugar on cookies or cupcakes. Hole less beads, use as cookie decorations or buttons on clothes, earrings, beads. glitter, torn paper that looks like gold flakes, cut long sequins, sequins with the holes cut out in shapes, would look great as jewelry.

A close up of these tiny bottles with the sequins with the cut outs.  Would make great jewelry for a mini lady.  Each bottle is 3/4 " in size with a stopper.  The circumference around is the size of a pencil eraser.  Tiny and dainty, can't tell that from the picture.  Canning jars, Halloween potion bottles.?
I found 6 total sets with 6 varieties inside
This is a possibility project.  See if you see it.  A tiny Jr. juice box, the top of a gumball container for a dryer lid, and the bottom to be used for the bottom of the dryer chair.  Do you see it?  A future How To project.
Miniaturists do the impossible!!!!!~


  1. wow! wonder if you could get those at Michael's?

  2. Michaels in my area did not have them. Check any of your local Dollar type stores in the makeup, nail polish area. We have several dollar type stores in my area, different names, same merchandise, and they all have them.

  3. I love your ideas thanks for sharing..

  4. So cool! Thnx for sharing. I love minis as well🙃

  5. These can be found on ebay and a site called Wish. I got 48 of them on Wish for just a few dllars. Shipping was free, but it took several weeks to get them.