Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Chairs

If you believe this the Universe will return it back to you!

Nothing is more beautiful than the colors of Fall!  They truly take my breath away.
If you read my blog of September 30, I did a mini tutorial on how to bend the plastic on the readily available plastic skeletons.  Here is a easy chair I made from one.  A dowel pin down the hip cavity on a wooden button.  A piece of wood for a seat.  I found a bridge piece from a musical instrument in a treasure box that I thought was kind of neat.
The same skeleton made into a mummy.  Wrap with cheesecloth cut into strips.  Hold ends down with glue.  After wrapping I put a thin coat of white gesso all over to hold down the unruly ends of cheese cloth.  Then I sprayed it all with my cold  black coffee to antique it.  This is still wet, but when dry it will look antique and uneven in color.  This is the same technique I used for the mummy in the Eyeglass case coffin.  I blogged about this earlier in the year.  If you need a quick, cheap and readily available container for your Halloween scene, look up this tutorial.    You will be glad you did.  You could also stand it up on end in a corner for a standing mummy.  In case you did not see it here is a picture from the room box I used it in.
If you click on the pictures you can enlarge them.  This was made from a paper mache bird house.  I cut the back  out and made a  room box out of it.  The front has doors and windows like a house.  I used vines and moss to cover up the areas where I cut the back.  I painted the whole thing black and then put crackle glaze over it.  Then painted it a darker shade of green gray.  A skeleton was dressed to look like the zombie scientist behind the table.  The  ghosts are plastic pencils found at a dollar store.  The bottles on the shelf are all filled with secret potions to match the labels titles.
Another fun site to visit for potion labels and books

Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Fun Finds

I would love to find one like this.  When my children were little we used black paper and went up behind a spider web  and detached the web on the paper. Hairspray on top of the web set it to the paper.  A thing of beauty.  It seems rather cruel now.  All that work to have someone destroy it.  Like snowflakes, no  two are alike.  Picture from Pinterest.
A great way to do spider webs now is a grey or white hair net as you see over the black coffin above.  A Beauty supply store will still have them.
The bat is a child's ring I found in a bag of Halloween treat items at Big Lots.  I cut the ring portion off and have a 3-d bat to glue onto the walls or trees.  The spiders are made from black and glow in the dark ants that I got at a Magic shop or where you get joke items.  I cut the head and bottom off and you get nice spiders for you spider web.
These little bags I got 12 for 1.00 at a craft store, usually in the scrapbook or mini section.  I then added stickers on the bag.  This would make a unique treat bag for a trick or treater in a mini scene or a mini bag for a mini gift for a friend for Halloween.  These bags come in all colors and could be used for gift exchange items for a mini club.  They open out on the bottom and sit like a real shopping bag.  Names could be written on the one side and stickers on the other.

These are nail decals for fingernails, very tiny, but could be used on potion bottles or other Halloween items or packages.
Found at a drug store, but check your local dollar store as well.  Maybe even a craft store would have these for Halloween.
I found this magnet at a thrift store.  It is a little oversize, like Barbie, but still the bottles could be used in a lab in a Halloween scene for potions.  I thought the bottles looked very rustic.

If you go back to my How to Ghost Trick and Treater you can use the same process for these cuties and make more friends for him to trick and treat with.  I purchased these at The Party Store.  Cut the kushie balls off and you have the head and feet and arms.  Drill a hole into each end and attach the feet to a toothpick for the legs, pipe cleaners into the hands.  After making the pant leg tubes for the legs, glue into a 3 mm Styrofoam ball for the body.  Glue head onto the ball and wrap the arms on the pipe cleaner a couple of times or cut them desired length and stab into the ball with some glue.  Cut a piece of material in a circle and cover the ball around the neck for a cape.  Easy.  Keep the kushie balls for cutting into little pieces for food additives, carrots olives, grapes ,etc.
More labels to right click on and save to picture file.  Photo shop to desired size.

More Halloween labels to shrink to size

More labels, should be just the right size to print as is.

From pinterest a cute packaging detail for cookies.  We just got yesterday Oreos with orange icing and peanut butter icing filled.  Looks like scrapbook paper made into a shoe, bags of cookies inserted into them for the feet.  Somewhere on the Internet or maybe Cricut cutters have to have this package details.  I think red velvet whoopee pies with white icing would be terrific in this.  Sort of Wizard of Oz looking.  Using red glitter scrapbook paper.!!  My ideas never stop!
Now I would like to take the time to Thank all of my Friends who have joined my site.  Even though I can't take time to commune with you all with comments and feed back, it is a thrill to see how many people all over the world have been peeking on my site.  It is truly a thrill to see every day, where in the world I might have been that day.  Each of you are  special to me and I hope you take away something you can use in your own adventures in miniatures.
To my friends in Russia I have a true to life love story to tell you.  A friend I worked with, all his life was interested in Russia.  He learned the  Russian language at an early age and after school became an interpreter.  In his work he met a woman from Russia that was here on business.  To make a long story short they got married.  She is such a delightful person and such a good match  for him.  He recently wrote a conversion Dictionary =English to Russian and had it printed.  They went to Russia to visit her family and approach a publisher there as well.  Its as though his destiny was planned a long time ago.  A true love story!

Halloween bed and Mini Finds for Halloween Fun

A fall scene from my office window.  The sun is shining thru the hole in the tree.  Click on all pictures to enlarge
This is a bed I made , but couldn't decide what material to use for the bedding.  Somewhere I have some material,  black with white skeletons on it.   The bed  posts are dowel pins 6 inches high.  The fencing is plastic Victorian fencing found at all mini shops or online at Hobby Builders Supply.  I drilled holes in the dowels where the fence jags out and glued in place laying down on a flat surface.  The base of the bed is a piece of thin wood.  The bench at the end is a tab construction bench found at a Craft store in our area, Pat Catans.  I cut grooves on the back of the bench and inserted the bed base into that.  All will be painted another coat of black paint. The mattress I will make out of a thin sheet of Styrofoam packing material.  The heads on the top are from a plastic necklace I cut apart.

The stickers on the back are from Dollar Tree.  On the left are 3 D stickers like a bubble type.  The ones on the right are flat stickers.  The rings I found in the children's birthday area.  About a dozen in a package.  They are Supposed to be a compass with arrow but never pointing North if you know what I mean.  Cut off the ring back with sharp pliers and sand smooth.  Click off the clear top and you have a container for cookies, candy, or other treats.  I am leaving mine yellow for the Halloween table, but you could spray paint in any color and use the stickers on the top.  I got extra of these for Christmas cookie tins.  The ring could also be nail polished any color and worn for the holiday with your choice of  Uggy things inside.  Spiders, bones, eyeballs, bats, and whatever else your mind could think up.  Could be a real conversation starter.
Jumping the season a bit, spray paint the ring silver and fill with miniature Christmas cookies.  Just a thought!

The beautiful rope on the card is from Doodle bugs found at Michael's and Hobby Lobby in the scrapbook area. Check out this web site  She used this by stiffening with glue and cutting in tiny pieces for candy sticks.  Very colorful in a jar on a table.  She also has a new posting on her blog this month for a Halloween table using skull beads on the table legs.  Check it out, she is one of my favorites for creative miniatures.  She has wrote for mini magazines for a long time and I adore her type of posts , making something from found objects.
The scalloped Happy Halloween discs are from the scrap booking area at Dollar Tree.  I am using them for fancy plates to hold goodies.
The signs on the right are from Archivers scrap book store.  Making Memories are the makers.  These are tin and 3-d with stick em on the back.  They will make a bright addition to the Halloween Room box.

The Holographic pictures are from Michael's-Recollections stickers in the scrapbook area.  They look like normal pictures and turn into zombies when you turn sideways.  Very cute and just the right size for the 1/12 room box.  The 3-d stickers next to them are K and Co. found at Michael's and Hobby Lobby in the Scrapbook area.  Perfect for on the table or wall.

These I positively Love.  They are from Archivers scrapbook store.Inkadinkado makes them.  There are 7 stamps for stamping, but the size is just right for 1/12 tomb stones.    No more than 2 inches high, I love the sayings.  Fimo clay rolled out in granite color clay, lay down the stamp, the saying is stamped right in it.  Cut around the stamp with a clay knife, smooth out the edges and bake.  Antique with thinned out paint  to bring out the words and you have a perfect gravestone.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dollhouse Museum-unexpected Surprise

Just too cute!!

This week has been another staycation.  You stay at home and have good intentions of getting the nest ready for another long winter.  Remodeling the bathroom, painting window trim, and finishing up tile work seem to be the projects I intended on doing.  However I have a touch of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and got into a lot more than I intended.  I am easily distracted into other things, usually paperwork I always put off, only because it keeps me from doing what I am supposed to do. 
Today my Daughter and I took a road trip, the main purpose was wallpaper.  Found what I wanted within 10 minutes.  We ate brunch at a restaurant called the Blue Door.  Funny how a restaurant could be that busy without a sign  announcing its existence.  Just a blue door on the front.  The food was a real treat.  Every thing is fresh and made on sight.  I never had a croissant that fresh and broke apart in your mouth.  That was on State Rd , Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.
A pleasant surprise not far from my home city is a Dollhouse Museum that has just opened up.  Monday-Thursday 2-4 only.  Located inside the Wilkshire Banquet Center in Bolivar Ohio  Click on Elizabeths Dollhouse emblem on left hand corner for a slide show.   This is right off of the Expressway route 77  in Ohio.   Since it is only during a weekday it is open we decided to give a looksie.
Martha Simon is the Proprietor and her Family built the Banquet Center and made a room off the side to house her very large and growing collection of dollhouses and miniatures.  She has over 50 houses, all furnished and each telling a story.  There are antique furnishings and a lot of pieces jogged my memory.  Many of the items were made by her and her Mother before her also made dollhouses.  Many of the houses I have admired in the catalogs but never knew how big they were.  She has them all right there  .There were 1/2 scale houses, but most were 1/12 scale.  She shared the story of each and the techniques she used to create each one.
  The most pleasant surprise was walking around a corner and finding a Porcelain Doll that I had made over 20 years ago tending a baby in a crib.  My daughter saw it first and told me to come look at this.  It took me a while but there she was.  You never forget your own stuff, and it was a surprise to the owner meeting the maker of her doll.
I wish I had my camera with me to take pictures, and my Daughters phone was dead.  But this is what happens when you don't plan and take the day spontaneously.  It works for me, and sometimes you get pleasant surprises.  Like stopping at a store and finding Black tulips, yellow parrot Tulips, at a very good price.  The chickens will love seeing these peaking up at them in the spring.
We also stopped at a Thrift Store and I found something to use in miniatures of course.  I will save that for another blog.  It was a child's toy play set and I could see possibilities written all over it, and $1.00 also sealed the deal.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Ideas

Pumpkin House Idea from Pinterest

Looks like a real pumpkin, but a carvable fake one would do the same trick!

Free Princess printable masks from Pinterest to shrink to size.  Use a hole punch to punch out eyes. Right click and save to picture file.

From Pinterest, make pumpkins from acorns.  Why didn't I think of that!!!.  I have them all over.  Bake in oven for a time, they do contain tiny bugs and worms.  Acrylic paint, fine tip marker for the faces, Tomato stem for the top or use brown  paint and build up the stem.  These are too cute!

Right click and save to your picture file.  Can be shrunk to size in your picture program.

The colors of Fall are so beautiful.  Yesterday my Daughter and I took a road trip and saw many of the colors, sights and sounds of Fall.  The Cleveland Miniature Society had their annual Miniature show in Cleveland yesterday.  It was a busy and packed show.  I would have to say shoulder to shoulder.  I am glad to see younger people coming to the fold.  Attendance on the shows has been down the past few years.  As we were leaving a woman was coming into the show with the biggest smile on her face.  I remember those days, heart pounding, anticipating the show for a week, checking lists on what was needed to complete a project.  I also enjoyed the show and the displays, but I did not purchase a thing!
After the miniature show we went into Cleveland and visited the West side Market.  Another shoulder to shoulder event.   It is a historic building filled with vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables, breads, sweets, meats, cheese, everything and anything.  I cant imagine having to do that every day to get my food.
After having a wonderful meal in an upbeat Ohio City restaurant, we nudged our way thru traffic to The Cleveland Botanical Gardens and Glass House.  The Glass Houses were a delight.  One was made as a Costa Rica semi arid space.  The other and my favorite was Tropical rain forest with butterflies and birds and tropical plants.  A waterfall and stream completed the atmosphere in the Forest.  The butterflies were busy and all over the place.    I would love to have a greenhouse room like this, I would stay there all day.  The botanic Gardens also have many themed gardens outside which were a delight as well.  I always marvel at this type of garden, neatly manicured, trimmed bushes, no weeds.  I know this will never be a prototype for me, time seems to be at a premium in a garden.  I have learned to enjoy the beauty of the weeds as well.
Another mini event was on Friday.  The Wm. McKinley Museum in Canton is having a Life in Miniature display until the end of January 2013.  2 years ago this was one of their most popular events and they are doing it again.  Friday night was a free grand opening of the display.  Lots of houses, lots of details.  Historic and new.  A wonderful display.

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Patch

I had a lovely day with my Grandson and daughter today.  We went to The Williamsburg Festival and the pumpkin patch, and apple orchards.    We got the pick of the Patch pumpkin, golden delicious apples, homemade bread, kettle corn, gourds, cheese and trail bologna.  My favorite trip is near Amish Country which is a treat for the eyes as well as the stomach.  We ate at a barn converted into a restaurant, with a food buffet that is served in old wagons.  It was a brisk sunny day, and the leaves are at their peak. 
The thought occurred to me it would be fun to make a pumpkin patch like Charlie Brown's cartoon.  These little fellows could be carved from Fimo clay with all different faces.  Perhaps caricatures of famous people on the pumpkins laying in the field waiting for plucking.  Little red wagons sitting here and there.  A lot of imagination could be used on this one.  If you need more ideas there is a man I saw on Martha Stewart that you need to check out.  He carves pumpkins for a living, and they are fantastic.  Google Ray Villafane or Villafane Studios.  You will be amazed and perhaps find one you would like to recreate.  Pumpkins are not just plain any more.
Another idea for a Fimo pumpkin
My quick and easy carved pumpkin project.  A plastic pumpkin that was formally a light cover found at a Dollar Tree.  News paper cut from the real thing or go onto a printable site and get a mini version.  Plastic knife and spoon.  The insides are orange fur found at a craft spot near the hair for dolls.  The seeds are toasted sesame seeds.  Cut up the fur and add seeds, then stir in Modge Podge until coated.  I used the glossy to look wet.  Add to the top of the paper and when it dries it also glues itself down.  This is a great fast project and could be done in a evening for children or a club project.
This is another quick project that can be made in an evening for a club or child project.  A plastic pumpkin with a hole drilled out in the center  Insert Into the hole a  piece of twig cut from a tree limb.  Glue a small Styrofoam ball onto the top of the twig.  Apply glue all around the ball and use railroad grass to cover the glue.  A ghost eraser found at a dollar store is glued onto the top.  The rounds glued on the tree are canes I purchased at a miniature store with pumpkins and Boo written on them.  Small beads in Halloween colors could also be used.  Black and orange raffia make a bow underneath and a plastic spider is climbing up the ribbon.
My very favorite little Shop of Horrors plant.  So quick and easy.  Wooden flower pot painted with terra cotta paint.  A tooth pick inserted into the pot that has been filled with tacky glue and coffee grounds for dirt.  The head is a small shell glued  open and painted purple.  A spider is inside his mouth.  The teeth is grosgrain ribbon that has been cut and pulled with a needle forming the teeth.  The leaves around the head and hands are cut from the leaf from a silk flower with small nail scissors.  Wrap a piece of green wire around the tooth pick for the arms and glue on hands.  The eyes are 3 mm size plastic eyes glued on.
The following pictures I got off of Pinterest.  Save to picture file in case you need relatives for your Halloween room boxes!

Vintage Halloween Labels for shrinking

While traveling to the ends of the Internet I found more free printable labels for Jars and potions.  Save each as a picture to your files and then transport to picture program of your choice and make into miniature size .