Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween bed and Mini Finds for Halloween Fun

A fall scene from my office window.  The sun is shining thru the hole in the tree.  Click on all pictures to enlarge
This is a bed I made , but couldn't decide what material to use for the bedding.  Somewhere I have some material,  black with white skeletons on it.   The bed  posts are dowel pins 6 inches high.  The fencing is plastic Victorian fencing found at all mini shops or online at Hobby Builders Supply.  I drilled holes in the dowels where the fence jags out and glued in place laying down on a flat surface.  The base of the bed is a piece of thin wood.  The bench at the end is a tab construction bench found at a Craft store in our area, Pat Catans.  I cut grooves on the back of the bench and inserted the bed base into that.  All will be painted another coat of black paint. The mattress I will make out of a thin sheet of Styrofoam packing material.  The heads on the top are from a plastic necklace I cut apart.

The stickers on the back are from Dollar Tree.  On the left are 3 D stickers like a bubble type.  The ones on the right are flat stickers.  The rings I found in the children's birthday area.  About a dozen in a package.  They are Supposed to be a compass with arrow but never pointing North if you know what I mean.  Cut off the ring back with sharp pliers and sand smooth.  Click off the clear top and you have a container for cookies, candy, or other treats.  I am leaving mine yellow for the Halloween table, but you could spray paint in any color and use the stickers on the top.  I got extra of these for Christmas cookie tins.  The ring could also be nail polished any color and worn for the holiday with your choice of  Uggy things inside.  Spiders, bones, eyeballs, bats, and whatever else your mind could think up.  Could be a real conversation starter.
Jumping the season a bit, spray paint the ring silver and fill with miniature Christmas cookies.  Just a thought!

The beautiful rope on the card is from Doodle bugs found at Michael's and Hobby Lobby in the scrapbook area. Check out this web site  She used this by stiffening with glue and cutting in tiny pieces for candy sticks.  Very colorful in a jar on a table.  She also has a new posting on her blog this month for a Halloween table using skull beads on the table legs.  Check it out, she is one of my favorites for creative miniatures.  She has wrote for mini magazines for a long time and I adore her type of posts , making something from found objects.
The scalloped Happy Halloween discs are from the scrap booking area at Dollar Tree.  I am using them for fancy plates to hold goodies.
The signs on the right are from Archivers scrap book store.  Making Memories are the makers.  These are tin and 3-d with stick em on the back.  They will make a bright addition to the Halloween Room box.

The Holographic pictures are from Michael's-Recollections stickers in the scrapbook area.  They look like normal pictures and turn into zombies when you turn sideways.  Very cute and just the right size for the 1/12 room box.  The 3-d stickers next to them are K and Co. found at Michael's and Hobby Lobby in the Scrapbook area.  Perfect for on the table or wall.

These I positively Love.  They are from Archivers scrapbook store.Inkadinkado makes them.  There are 7 stamps for stamping, but the size is just right for 1/12 tomb stones.    No more than 2 inches high, I love the sayings.  Fimo clay rolled out in granite color clay, lay down the stamp, the saying is stamped right in it.  Cut around the stamp with a clay knife, smooth out the edges and bake.  Antique with thinned out paint  to bring out the words and you have a perfect gravestone.

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