Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Chairs

If you believe this the Universe will return it back to you!

Nothing is more beautiful than the colors of Fall!  They truly take my breath away.
If you read my blog of September 30, I did a mini tutorial on how to bend the plastic on the readily available plastic skeletons.  Here is a easy chair I made from one.  A dowel pin down the hip cavity on a wooden button.  A piece of wood for a seat.  I found a bridge piece from a musical instrument in a treasure box that I thought was kind of neat.
The same skeleton made into a mummy.  Wrap with cheesecloth cut into strips.  Hold ends down with glue.  After wrapping I put a thin coat of white gesso all over to hold down the unruly ends of cheese cloth.  Then I sprayed it all with my cold  black coffee to antique it.  This is still wet, but when dry it will look antique and uneven in color.  This is the same technique I used for the mummy in the Eyeglass case coffin.  I blogged about this earlier in the year.  If you need a quick, cheap and readily available container for your Halloween scene, look up this tutorial.    You will be glad you did.  You could also stand it up on end in a corner for a standing mummy.  In case you did not see it here is a picture from the room box I used it in.
If you click on the pictures you can enlarge them.  This was made from a paper mache bird house.  I cut the back  out and made a  room box out of it.  The front has doors and windows like a house.  I used vines and moss to cover up the areas where I cut the back.  I painted the whole thing black and then put crackle glaze over it.  Then painted it a darker shade of green gray.  A skeleton was dressed to look like the zombie scientist behind the table.  The  ghosts are plastic pencils found at a dollar store.  The bottles on the shelf are all filled with secret potions to match the labels titles.
Another fun site to visit for potion labels and books


  1. Hi Karen, I've found you're blog because of the link from Jen of Plushpussycat - I'm glad I did. Just having a quick look around I can say you have fantastic and inspiring ideas.

    Greetings from Germany

  2. Hi Karen... Me Too.... (Hi Birgit!!!).... I Love your creative ideas! Thanks for sharing all your Tricks.... I mean Tips!!!!