Friday, October 19, 2012

Halloween Fun Finds

I would love to find one like this.  When my children were little we used black paper and went up behind a spider web  and detached the web on the paper. Hairspray on top of the web set it to the paper.  A thing of beauty.  It seems rather cruel now.  All that work to have someone destroy it.  Like snowflakes, no  two are alike.  Picture from Pinterest.
A great way to do spider webs now is a grey or white hair net as you see over the black coffin above.  A Beauty supply store will still have them.
The bat is a child's ring I found in a bag of Halloween treat items at Big Lots.  I cut the ring portion off and have a 3-d bat to glue onto the walls or trees.  The spiders are made from black and glow in the dark ants that I got at a Magic shop or where you get joke items.  I cut the head and bottom off and you get nice spiders for you spider web.
These little bags I got 12 for 1.00 at a craft store, usually in the scrapbook or mini section.  I then added stickers on the bag.  This would make a unique treat bag for a trick or treater in a mini scene or a mini bag for a mini gift for a friend for Halloween.  These bags come in all colors and could be used for gift exchange items for a mini club.  They open out on the bottom and sit like a real shopping bag.  Names could be written on the one side and stickers on the other.

These are nail decals for fingernails, very tiny, but could be used on potion bottles or other Halloween items or packages.
Found at a drug store, but check your local dollar store as well.  Maybe even a craft store would have these for Halloween.
I found this magnet at a thrift store.  It is a little oversize, like Barbie, but still the bottles could be used in a lab in a Halloween scene for potions.  I thought the bottles looked very rustic.

If you go back to my How to Ghost Trick and Treater you can use the same process for these cuties and make more friends for him to trick and treat with.  I purchased these at The Party Store.  Cut the kushie balls off and you have the head and feet and arms.  Drill a hole into each end and attach the feet to a toothpick for the legs, pipe cleaners into the hands.  After making the pant leg tubes for the legs, glue into a 3 mm Styrofoam ball for the body.  Glue head onto the ball and wrap the arms on the pipe cleaner a couple of times or cut them desired length and stab into the ball with some glue.  Cut a piece of material in a circle and cover the ball around the neck for a cape.  Easy.  Keep the kushie balls for cutting into little pieces for food additives, carrots olives, grapes ,etc.
More labels to right click on and save to picture file.  Photo shop to desired size.

More Halloween labels to shrink to size

More labels, should be just the right size to print as is.

From pinterest a cute packaging detail for cookies.  We just got yesterday Oreos with orange icing and peanut butter icing filled.  Looks like scrapbook paper made into a shoe, bags of cookies inserted into them for the feet.  Somewhere on the Internet or maybe Cricut cutters have to have this package details.  I think red velvet whoopee pies with white icing would be terrific in this.  Sort of Wizard of Oz looking.  Using red glitter scrapbook paper.!!  My ideas never stop!
Now I would like to take the time to Thank all of my Friends who have joined my site.  Even though I can't take time to commune with you all with comments and feed back, it is a thrill to see how many people all over the world have been peeking on my site.  It is truly a thrill to see every day, where in the world I might have been that day.  Each of you are  special to me and I hope you take away something you can use in your own adventures in miniatures.
To my friends in Russia I have a true to life love story to tell you.  A friend I worked with, all his life was interested in Russia.  He learned the  Russian language at an early age and after school became an interpreter.  In his work he met a woman from Russia that was here on business.  To make a long story short they got married.  She is such a delightful person and such a good match  for him.  He recently wrote a conversion Dictionary =English to Russian and had it printed.  They went to Russia to visit her family and approach a publisher there as well.  Its as though his destiny was planned a long time ago.  A true love story!

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