Sunday, October 14, 2012

Halloween Ideas

Pumpkin House Idea from Pinterest

Looks like a real pumpkin, but a carvable fake one would do the same trick!

Free Princess printable masks from Pinterest to shrink to size.  Use a hole punch to punch out eyes. Right click and save to picture file.

From Pinterest, make pumpkins from acorns.  Why didn't I think of that!!!.  I have them all over.  Bake in oven for a time, they do contain tiny bugs and worms.  Acrylic paint, fine tip marker for the faces, Tomato stem for the top or use brown  paint and build up the stem.  These are too cute!

Right click and save to your picture file.  Can be shrunk to size in your picture program.

The colors of Fall are so beautiful.  Yesterday my Daughter and I took a road trip and saw many of the colors, sights and sounds of Fall.  The Cleveland Miniature Society had their annual Miniature show in Cleveland yesterday.  It was a busy and packed show.  I would have to say shoulder to shoulder.  I am glad to see younger people coming to the fold.  Attendance on the shows has been down the past few years.  As we were leaving a woman was coming into the show with the biggest smile on her face.  I remember those days, heart pounding, anticipating the show for a week, checking lists on what was needed to complete a project.  I also enjoyed the show and the displays, but I did not purchase a thing!
After the miniature show we went into Cleveland and visited the West side Market.  Another shoulder to shoulder event.   It is a historic building filled with vendors selling fresh fruits and vegetables, breads, sweets, meats, cheese, everything and anything.  I cant imagine having to do that every day to get my food.
After having a wonderful meal in an upbeat Ohio City restaurant, we nudged our way thru traffic to The Cleveland Botanical Gardens and Glass House.  The Glass Houses were a delight.  One was made as a Costa Rica semi arid space.  The other and my favorite was Tropical rain forest with butterflies and birds and tropical plants.  A waterfall and stream completed the atmosphere in the Forest.  The butterflies were busy and all over the place.    I would love to have a greenhouse room like this, I would stay there all day.  The botanic Gardens also have many themed gardens outside which were a delight as well.  I always marvel at this type of garden, neatly manicured, trimmed bushes, no weeds.  I know this will never be a prototype for me, time seems to be at a premium in a garden.  I have learned to enjoy the beauty of the weeds as well.
Another mini event was on Friday.  The Wm. McKinley Museum in Canton is having a Life in Miniature display until the end of January 2013.  2 years ago this was one of their most popular events and they are doing it again.  Friday night was a free grand opening of the display.  Lots of houses, lots of details.  Historic and new.  A wonderful display.

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