Sunday, October 7, 2012

Halloween Pumpkin Patch

I had a lovely day with my Grandson and daughter today.  We went to The Williamsburg Festival and the pumpkin patch, and apple orchards.    We got the pick of the Patch pumpkin, golden delicious apples, homemade bread, kettle corn, gourds, cheese and trail bologna.  My favorite trip is near Amish Country which is a treat for the eyes as well as the stomach.  We ate at a barn converted into a restaurant, with a food buffet that is served in old wagons.  It was a brisk sunny day, and the leaves are at their peak. 
The thought occurred to me it would be fun to make a pumpkin patch like Charlie Brown's cartoon.  These little fellows could be carved from Fimo clay with all different faces.  Perhaps caricatures of famous people on the pumpkins laying in the field waiting for plucking.  Little red wagons sitting here and there.  A lot of imagination could be used on this one.  If you need more ideas there is a man I saw on Martha Stewart that you need to check out.  He carves pumpkins for a living, and they are fantastic.  Google Ray Villafane or Villafane Studios.  You will be amazed and perhaps find one you would like to recreate.  Pumpkins are not just plain any more.
Another idea for a Fimo pumpkin
My quick and easy carved pumpkin project.  A plastic pumpkin that was formally a light cover found at a Dollar Tree.  News paper cut from the real thing or go onto a printable site and get a mini version.  Plastic knife and spoon.  The insides are orange fur found at a craft spot near the hair for dolls.  The seeds are toasted sesame seeds.  Cut up the fur and add seeds, then stir in Modge Podge until coated.  I used the glossy to look wet.  Add to the top of the paper and when it dries it also glues itself down.  This is a great fast project and could be done in a evening for children or a club project.
This is another quick project that can be made in an evening for a club or child project.  A plastic pumpkin with a hole drilled out in the center  Insert Into the hole a  piece of twig cut from a tree limb.  Glue a small Styrofoam ball onto the top of the twig.  Apply glue all around the ball and use railroad grass to cover the glue.  A ghost eraser found at a dollar store is glued onto the top.  The rounds glued on the tree are canes I purchased at a miniature store with pumpkins and Boo written on them.  Small beads in Halloween colors could also be used.  Black and orange raffia make a bow underneath and a plastic spider is climbing up the ribbon.
My very favorite little Shop of Horrors plant.  So quick and easy.  Wooden flower pot painted with terra cotta paint.  A tooth pick inserted into the pot that has been filled with tacky glue and coffee grounds for dirt.  The head is a small shell glued  open and painted purple.  A spider is inside his mouth.  The teeth is grosgrain ribbon that has been cut and pulled with a needle forming the teeth.  The leaves around the head and hands are cut from the leaf from a silk flower with small nail scissors.  Wrap a piece of green wire around the tooth pick for the arms and glue on hands.  The eyes are 3 mm size plastic eyes glued on.
The following pictures I got off of Pinterest.  Save to picture file in case you need relatives for your Halloween room boxes!


  1. Wow! I adore your carved pumpkin project! It is so cute and fun! Thank you for sharing these great ideas, Karen! xo Jennifer

  2. My grown daughters would love Audrey II from Little Shop

  3. Your carved pumpkin is a great projects! I adore! Hugs