Thursday, October 18, 2012

Dollhouse Museum-unexpected Surprise

Just too cute!!

This week has been another staycation.  You stay at home and have good intentions of getting the nest ready for another long winter.  Remodeling the bathroom, painting window trim, and finishing up tile work seem to be the projects I intended on doing.  However I have a touch of Adult Attention Deficit Disorder and got into a lot more than I intended.  I am easily distracted into other things, usually paperwork I always put off, only because it keeps me from doing what I am supposed to do. 
Today my Daughter and I took a road trip, the main purpose was wallpaper.  Found what I wanted within 10 minutes.  We ate brunch at a restaurant called the Blue Door.  Funny how a restaurant could be that busy without a sign  announcing its existence.  Just a blue door on the front.  The food was a real treat.  Every thing is fresh and made on sight.  I never had a croissant that fresh and broke apart in your mouth.  That was on State Rd , Cuyahoga Falls, Ohio.
A pleasant surprise not far from my home city is a Dollhouse Museum that has just opened up.  Monday-Thursday 2-4 only.  Located inside the Wilkshire Banquet Center in Bolivar Ohio  Click on Elizabeths Dollhouse emblem on left hand corner for a slide show.   This is right off of the Expressway route 77  in Ohio.   Since it is only during a weekday it is open we decided to give a looksie.
Martha Simon is the Proprietor and her Family built the Banquet Center and made a room off the side to house her very large and growing collection of dollhouses and miniatures.  She has over 50 houses, all furnished and each telling a story.  There are antique furnishings and a lot of pieces jogged my memory.  Many of the items were made by her and her Mother before her also made dollhouses.  Many of the houses I have admired in the catalogs but never knew how big they were.  She has them all right there  .There were 1/2 scale houses, but most were 1/12 scale.  She shared the story of each and the techniques she used to create each one.
  The most pleasant surprise was walking around a corner and finding a Porcelain Doll that I had made over 20 years ago tending a baby in a crib.  My daughter saw it first and told me to come look at this.  It took me a while but there she was.  You never forget your own stuff, and it was a surprise to the owner meeting the maker of her doll.
I wish I had my camera with me to take pictures, and my Daughters phone was dead.  But this is what happens when you don't plan and take the day spontaneously.  It works for me, and sometimes you get pleasant surprises.  Like stopping at a store and finding Black tulips, yellow parrot Tulips, at a very good price.  The chickens will love seeing these peaking up at them in the spring.
We also stopped at a Thrift Store and I found something to use in miniatures of course.  I will save that for another blog.  It was a child's toy play set and I could see possibilities written all over it, and $1.00 also sealed the deal.

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