Saturday, December 29, 2012

A finished Dog Kennel Project-Picture frame room box

The dog Kennel in a picture frame room box.  My cousin Adrianne works at a dog kennel on week ends.  She wanted to give a gift to her friend.  We made the room box from 8x10 picture frames from the dollar store.  The only glue we found that worked on the plastic was Gorilla Glue.  It expands when drying so a lot of trim to remove excess was  necessary.  Click on each picture to enlarge and get detail inside.  The floors are made of bamboo strip place mats glued to a sub floor of poster board.  The dog pens are from The Dollar store in kids toy department.Various dogs were found at craft stores.  Desks in the corner are from my stash.  Many printables from web sites were used for the dog food packages, bulletin board and files and letters.  Small jars with pencils and Qtips are on the tables. 

Front view of Kennel.  Mop bucket with handmade mop was from a found object painted yellow and wheels from a child's car applied.  Click on each picture to get enlarged detail inside.

Dog food was made from mustard seed and painted brown.
Click each picture to get enlarged detail inside.
Top view of the Kennel  Click on picture to enlarge details

Sink was made from a plastic box and cardboard folded over to produce legs
Metal faucets and handles are metal miniatures, hose for water is electrical wire.
Notice the grey dog in the front.  I had to produce some humor into the box.  The turquoise trash can in the front is a toothbrush cover from the Dollar Store


A dog has to do what a dog has to do  This dog is from the Hood Hounds that I blogged about in the fall.  Found in a gumball machine.

This project was  a lot of fun and it used a lot of things in my recycle box.   The room box from picture frames  was from  Go to that site for detailed instructions.  Wood frames are a better substitute because the plastics frames did not glue very well.  It took a lot of tries until I used the Gorilla glue.  Buy this glue in the smallest bottle because it expanded in the bottle after using, which made me have to saw the bottle in half to use the rest of the glue which after being exposed to the air expanded and got hard.