Monday, December 3, 2012

Christmas time Already?

I could not agree with this more!

A cute idea for mini Christmas trees from pine cones.

A fast and easy idea for mini trees and thimbles.  I inherited a lot of old button boxes, and inside were a lot of old thimbles.
Quick and easy ornament for family and friends that knew the owner of the button box.  A nice remembrance.

A cupcake older from old records.  This would be easy to make in miniature using tiny records, Hobby Lobby, and build the tower for cupcakes in a bakery window.  I have made bowls from records and you could miniaturise these as well for a 50's sock hop or pj party.

The same tiny tears I had, right down to the red cheeks where my brother threw her out of his bed.  I think the tiny fingers are chewed off as well.  I would like to  make a mini version of this for a Christmas display.

A great idea for a cake for miniatures from Pinterest.  Would not be hard to make from Fimo clay

Shirley Temple, my favorite girl growing up.  Even though she was as old as my mother at the time.  With the new colorized  versions of the old favorites, a new generation can enjoy the same favorites.  Timeless.!

The above pictures could be miniaturized for mini packages.  The ornament box is just like the ones we had as kids.  Right click and save into your picture file.


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