Thursday, December 27, 2012

Mini vacation

The true reason for the Christmas Season
If you never have tried these Hershey Kisses on top of Chocolate covered cherries with the stem for tails, you are missing out on a real treat.  Almond slivers for the ears and I put eyes purchased from the cake decorating store.  They will bring a smile to everyone.   I thought this would be a good mini idea as well.  

This is not my display but I thought it was cute and could be adapted for miniatures.  I finally found 3 sizes of round fish bowls like this for my mini ice skating display.  The lid is cute for a hat, but I will use a stocking for black stove pipe hat for mine.

This is cute and probably from the 1950's.  Could be saved into your picture file and miniaturized. 

Another great idea for those large jars.  Put a mini scene inside.  The large pickle jars like the schools or restaurants use would be ideal for this.

My new years resolution.  My only New Years Resolution.!!!

I could not say it any better way.  So much can happen in a year to change your life forever.
I found this picture off of pinterest.  I thought what a neat idea.  Could be adapted for a Fairy house or a way to decorate a tree.  If you have never checked out the web site of Ann Arbor Fairy doors, please do.  It is fun and I enjoyed looking for the doors when I went there.
Another year is almost over.  It has been a most interesting year.  I make no apology for any of it.  I have been taking a mini vacation for the past month or so.  Occasionally my brain stops functioning on the creative level.  Its times like these I try to glean creativity from others.  I have been searching the web sites and have found a couple that will keep you busy for a long time.  If you go to the website Pinterest- go to the search box in the website.  Type in one of these names at a time and enjoy the gifts of others obsessions.
Lerryn Meza=Printibles
Donna Post- first one that comes up.  Red box with a thumb tack-click on it and it says she loves minis.  All organized in categories.  Will keep you busy for months
Kundry-Wow! A site for everyone.
If you find something you like repin it.  If you want everything new they will be posting repin and mark follow. 
This is an amazing website with something for everyone. 
As this year closes and we approach a New Year 2013 I wish for you all mini new ideas and inspirations.  I wish the childlike joy we all feel when we discover something new, and share with others.  I hope this year you can finish old projects, and start many new ones.  Learn and grow and share.   Pass it on.  Pay it forward.  We were designed to never stop learning, and so by doing we can share by teaching.  I hope you exceed far beyond what you ever thought possible for yourself.
This year I plan on taking classes in the banjo and fiddle.  I inherited both from Great Uncles and they have been sitting in the closet ever since.  Why not I say to myself.  Serendipity comes to play, and the restoration and classes, teachers all come to existence in the same week.  It will be another adventure I am sure.
If you remember the blog I did  on projects I started and failed, you will remember my failure in the knitting area.  Well I am happy to tell you that I now think I got it.   I found this beautiful yarn called Starbella at Joanne Fabrics.  They had a scarf made out of it and I just fell in love with the colors and look of this scarf.  The sales girl said it was knitted, but not to fear on the Joanne Website there is a video showing how to do this.  The lady doing the demonstration was seating in the same direction I was with the yarn and needles and I caught on really fast.  Amazing!  My brain must not be able to convert the concept if they are facing me.  I have made 3 of the scarfs and feel I can start my mini knitting projects this winter. 
Thanks to all for  visiting my web site this year.  I love looking at the maps and seeing where everyone is from, or where I have been that day.  I pray I will continue to inspire in some SMALL way each time we meet on this blog.

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