Sunday, December 30, 2012

Miniature Shopping Finds

Martha Stewart stickers on After Christmas sale.  Puffy stickers- the smallest less than 1/4 inch.  Great colors could be used for cookie baking scene

Mini trunks for doll house doll -found at a store that had lots of 1.00 items but not a dollar store.  This was in the children's birthday-party area with the pirate theme.  1 inch high lid opens and 1 1/2 long.  These could be done up cute for a mini doll trunk, treasure chest with gold or jewels.  8 to a package for 1.00.  If you do 1/2 scale would be just about right for a regular trunk for that size.
  I enjoyed a new version of the Borrowers on tv as a Christmas special.  I was spellbound with ideas.  The series of books in my childhood were truly unforgettable.  A few years ago I got them all at the library and reread them all.  I would like to do a scene someday as the Borrowers living quarters.
A great way to use those treasures you just don't know what to do with except store in a box.
Plastic bubble containers for wedding.   2 1/4 inches high  4 to a package for 1.00
Paint and gesso could be applied to make into the perfect miniature wedding cake.  Great detail
Great detail on these cakes.  The heart top is the stopper and can be removed and something else added to the top

If you remember my blog on the Walgreen's face creme lids that I made into cakes, just after doing that article for about 6 weeks I could not find anywhere that face creme.  I complained to the stores and one of the purchasers said they were remaking the bottle design.!    What, do they have someone searching the Internet and discover someone using their designs for possible monetary gain?  Since they only keep 2 on the shelf at any time I had to resort to the other brand name creme, did not like it as well.  I have plenty of lids  in my stash Walgreen's!!!`  That is sad, the lid design was perfect as it was!

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