Sunday, April 28, 2013

Record Hop-Sock Hop-Party anyone?

Above is a record stand for food items found on Pinterest
It inspired me to make one like it in miniature

Other items and accessories
Items needed to make record food tier : 3 small jewel beads , records I found at Hobby lobby, and a pin with decorative head on it.    The larger records I found at a cake decorating studio  They were 1 1/4" in size.  I cut the edge of the middle record off just to make it smaller than the bottom one.  The one on top is from Hobby Lobby.  If you cannot find records you could use a paper punch in various sizes  and cut out of black paper.  If you go onto  free printie sites you can find record labels to use on the paper.  Punch a small hole in the middle and proceed the same.  I used a small record for the base and glued the big record on top of it.  This lifts up the bottom somewhat and it is not completely flat on the table.  Next alternate the bead or jewel find between records to lift the tiers  glue the pin to hold upright down thru and allow to dry.  I used a glaze to make the records shiny, but you could use nail polish as well.
The extra pieces I tried to bake in the oven like we used to with records and make bowls.  The difference is the real records were vinyl and would melt, but these are plastic.  All they did was curve in at one end and they look like a heart.  But that's OK because they look like little dishes for the snacks.  The large record that bowed up and sunk down in the front is for snacks, pretzels or potato chips.  Potato chips can be made out of green pepper seed, dried and slightly baked in the oven.  Looks just like chips.  A pizza would look nice with this. Depending on what era you were using, soda pop, or cans or pop of the time period would be nice.
If you do not visit Pinterest, now would be a good time to peruse the site.  I have my feed for mini's and every day the latest posts come across.  Right now there is a juke box, diner pictures, and diner menus.  There is a search box, just put in what your looking for and it will come right up.
Looking in my stash I found a poodle skirt and shirt with a scarf kit from a round table at Convention and some saddle shoes and penny loafers that I found at a show somewhere.  A letter jacket, guitar, record player  that will be great in this room box.  My record holder was pink with a poodle on it.  A lot of happy memories centered around music.  The days of Elvis and the Everly Brothers. I hope you enjoy this inexpensive, fast and fun project.

Thursday, April 25, 2013


I  found these buttons at a tag sale.  What do they look like to you?  They are old still on the card and brass wire holds them on.   $1.00 for the card  Color is red and the center is  a gold colored bead 3/4 inch in size

With out the bead they look like jello, or perhaps a bundt cake.  Take out the bead and fill with whipped cream or small berrys of some kind.  Paint beige and ice with dripping icing?  The pin of the back is brass and can be screwed right off.  These were probably coat buttons.  Regardless, their backs will never see a coat.  Lace doily, or a pretty dish, these beg to be made into baked goods.

Click on picture to enlarge-Tramp markings -If you still can not see the writing go to the little wheel to the right hand corner(tools) and enlarge to a size 400% maybe to see the writing very clearly.
Synchronize is something happening at the same time.  This week I happened to find two things related and I found more inspiration for a room box or setting.  
 This past winter I went to classes  on How to use my Nook reader.  I really like my Nook reader and have been finding some really old and interesting books on and other free sites  including the public library  to download.  Gutenberg has over 25,000 books to choose from.  I like some of the old ones from the early 1900's.  One such book was about tramps.  Very interesting reading.  Another book the same week I found at the library was codes and secret languages by Paul Lunde.  In it was the codes tramps or Hobos used to mark on fence posts to let other tramps know the condition of the possibility to get something to eat.  I found this very interesting to find these in the same week.  These poor lost souls are remarkably intelligent, but we would consider them today as square pegs in a round hole, or wandering free spirits.
If you have read all my blogs you will recall the one about the Hobos that used to know to come to my Grandmothers house to get a good  meal in exchange for working on the farm.  Word must have got around.  She always fed them after the work was done.   Two such Hobos came and never left.  They were happy to work and just be fed.  There were 2 shanty's left in the woods from the coal mining days and they took up residence there with a pot belly stove and a bed.  They stayed all their lives there until they died.  Both were very highly educated, college, but just did not conform to society.  Thus they were happy with that life and my Grandmother had her farm taken care of.  They were never allowed in the house but on Sundays  for a big Dinner, but they had to clean and shave and wear clean clothes.  That was common place in my childhood.
So my inspiration is for a farm house front with a picket fence and beautiful flowers and gardens  with all these marks scratched into the fence. Perhaps a Hobo doll sleeping in a hidden spot with a plate of food and glass of lemonade.  Maybe a pie on the window sill with a Hobo smelling it from underneath.   Rakes and shovels, wheelbarrel,  perhaps Grandma sitting in her rocking chair on the porch.  She never did that except on Sunday.  It is hard to believe what we just did not do on Sundays.  It was a day of rest.  No work, no shopping, just Church, a big Sunday dinner and friends and family coming to visit.
My thought is of Red Skeleton the comedian when he played Clem Cadidelhopper.  A stick with a red hankie with all his worldly goods, shoes with the toes out and a hat with the top cut and flipped up to let the sun in on his head.  Gloves with the fingers out. A cigar in his mouth.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

Miniature shopping spree

This picture reminds  me of myself when going  to my favorite haunts on mini shopping sprees.  There was  a mission yesterday to find supplies for a future  How to project.
 Looking at an object much like my friend here, looking off to the side, to the right means your thinking, mouth scrunched up, brows raised, thinking of what possibility that object might hold and where it  can be  placed  in a room box, what can it be made into.  You all know what I am talking about.  Then  that Eureka moment comes along with the smile of genuine happiness.  In to the cart and off to other finds.  The jewelry  areas are becoming more interesting with tiny objects, bird cages, boxes, keys and locks, old time pictures.  Check it out on your next visit.  When these unexpected surprises  come along I always tell myself what a great day it is to be Me!

 In the baskets of bargains in the front of the store I found note cards and memo books with the envelopes and the back of the memo book with these neat line drawings of patterns.  They were called Be Glamorous.   A photocopy of this would look great in a sewing room.  Only $1.00  A great gift idea in a basket for a mini friend.
Easter  baskets 2 in a pack for .20 cents.  80%  off . The eggs are way to big but the baskets and the grass inside are just right. Quite a bargain!

 My 40% coupon were used  on these stamps by Recollections  10 to a package .  The one on the top was in the bargain bin.  These are all textured stamps.  Perfect size for 1/12 scale.  Fimo softened and stamped with the inside cut out and then painted would be a lovely frame.    I am going to experiment with embossing powder on hard Matt board and see what results that would make.  This next weekend a big Scrapbook Convention is coming to town which has been anticipated since last year.  Looking forward to finding all kinds of new and unusual mini finds and of course paper to use in my projects.  Tools and doo-dads are also a possibility.  Last years find was  a paper crimper that made the tiniest crimp for cupcake holders.

Also found in the bargain bin, not photographed, were Mary Englebreit mini 6X6" papers 12 sheets to a pack for $1.00.    Tea pots, tiny cupcakes, checks just right for some mini project.
a pack of paper dolls with the background settings, kitchen, setting area, really cute.  These would make a little gift in a card for someone's favorite little girl.  The cover picture on each of these packs are even tinier than the inside and could be used for paper in a scrapbook shop.

Friday, April 12, 2013

Junk to Treasure

click picture to enlarge and see details

Two blogs ago I took a toy out of the trash and thought I could make something out of it.
Here is the finished product with out the limbs and leaves.  It has rained everyday since I started this project so I  will have to wait on those tree limbs off the tree.  The under plastic was brown so I just colored the Paperclay over with a brown.  Then I applied  a Crackle finish on top, let dry.  Using brown, beige, golden brown loaded onto my square flat brush at the same time I painted in short strokes all over to cover the crackle paint.  When dry it has little cracks on it and looks more like bark.  I like this tree.
I originally thought I would use this with my Wizard of Oz set. However  recently I read a book about Johnny Appleseed.  You thought he was just a made up story?  He was a real person  from Pennsylvania and  Ohio.  His family migrated here in the 1700's and he was a very eccentric person who was very enterprising and his desire was to raise apple seedlings and sell them to the new immigrating population to Ohio.  He got his seeds from an apple press in Pittsburgh for free from the mash they threw out.  He handpicked out the seeds and started walking westward in the late fall in his bare feet.  As he walked he planted seeds along river banks with the intentions of going back to retrieve them in a couple of years.  He was often seen in bare feet, and feed sacks as a shirt, and a cooking kettle on his head as a hat.  His route was from Marietta, Ohio, his family settled there, to Mansfield and into Indiana.  His travels were documented by General Store registers and Journals found in Museums from people who had dealings with him and befriended him with over night stays on his journeys. He also had dealings with Indians as he was traveling in their territory.   It is an incredible story.   I would like to think that some of the wild apple trees in my area where planted by John Chapman.  He was still around during the Civil War .  I never knew apples could cause such a ruckus, but it was a very viable and important crop.  It caused political and religious upheavals.  I'm sorry I didn't copy down the name of the book, but it is a recent published one.  This book also gave insight into the quest for land in the beginning stages of Ohio, my Family was a part of the earlier settlers here.  I would like to think he might have stopped  in for a bite to eat on his way across the State, and my ancestors would have fed him as they did Indians as they passed through.
Inspiration can come in many ways and this book changed my mind about the tree.  Since I make dolls, I am going to make one of Johnny Appleseed in his bare feet and kettle on his head, carrying a burlap bag of seeds, perhaps sleeping under this tree.    I have a deer leaning down like its smelling something that would be perfect for this scene. 

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tea anyone?

This has nothing to do with tea but I thought it was a breathtaking display. I'd like to say it was my yard, but my nose would grow with that one.

These wonderful teapots are from Oriental Trading Company.  They have a  Look under teapot beads.  I have some of these that I got at National Convention and they are just to cute.  You can put whatever bead you would like in it.  I think this would make a great gift for some of your mini friends or gift exchanges.
These could also be used for placecard settings at a card party or luncheon, a bookmark on a ribbon, necklace, earrings, seasonal color beads for a seasonal roombox.

What miniaturist would not like to have a bracelet or necklace like this.  I am in to this!
I have looked all over the place for these bead caps and now today I have found them.
I want to do a Tea Room for Red Hats and this would be perfect.  I once saw a necklace at a mini show with all tea pots that a lady hand painted.  It was quite a few hundred dollars.  This is certainly a cheaper alternative.

New beginnings

 New beginnings for a toy in the trash.  This tree was attached onto a large platform with water falls and cubbys for a bear family I believe.  I pulled it out and brought it home and dismantled it.  It is plastic with  3 open holes in it.  There is a squirrel and tiny raccoon in 2 of the holes.  The ladder looks like a rope ladder, I put away for future use.

If you have never used Paperclay you can use this for filling in areas, making clay tiles, stepping stones, slate tiles for the roof.
Rik Pierce uses this for his classes.  It has endless uses and air dries.  It can be painted and  hardens like cement.  I used this to create a face and fill in areas on the tree that needed fixed.  My only tool was a toothpick, my hands and a little water to smooth everything down.  It has a texture of soft clay, it is moist but if you keep the package well sealed it can last forever.

The back of the tree with areas and texture filled in with Paper clay

This the other side of the tree with Paperclay filled in .  The markings that looked like an eye and mouth made me think of the trees in The Wizard of Oz that talked.  I have a set of Wizard of Oz Dolls and I decided to use this in my display. I filled in the areas with the Paperclay and used a toothpick and water to smooth out.  After this is dry I will paint and add other branches.  After doing some spring cleaning outside I decided to cut down a ornamental tree that was too close to the house.  The branches will be perfect for this.  You will have to wait for another post to see the finished project.  The whole tree is 9 inches tall and I believe I will make it an apple tree.
Perhaps you have toys from kids or Grand kids that are taking up room and not played with anymore.  Look for bowls, lamps, dogs, cats, chickens, pigs, small chairs, baskets.  Many items can be painted to look more realistic
and be in proper scale.
After a long absence from miniatures, I am back.  Life throws a lot of stuff at you sometimes all at once.  I never like to do miniature projects at those times.  When I look at a project I always associate what fun I had doing them and what was going on in my life at the time.  I realize adversity is a necessary  obstacle in life.  If you never had it you would never know what you are truly capable of.   There is always a lesson to learn from it even though at the time you do not realize it.  That being said, I look forward and am excited for new Beginnings in many areas in my life.  I know I have begun all my back burner miniature projects with a new  interest and zeal, and look forward to sharing them all with you.