Thursday, April 25, 2013


I  found these buttons at a tag sale.  What do they look like to you?  They are old still on the card and brass wire holds them on.   $1.00 for the card  Color is red and the center is  a gold colored bead 3/4 inch in size

With out the bead they look like jello, or perhaps a bundt cake.  Take out the bead and fill with whipped cream or small berrys of some kind.  Paint beige and ice with dripping icing?  The pin of the back is brass and can be screwed right off.  These were probably coat buttons.  Regardless, their backs will never see a coat.  Lace doily, or a pretty dish, these beg to be made into baked goods.

Click on picture to enlarge-Tramp markings -If you still can not see the writing go to the little wheel to the right hand corner(tools) and enlarge to a size 400% maybe to see the writing very clearly.
Synchronize is something happening at the same time.  This week I happened to find two things related and I found more inspiration for a room box or setting.  
 This past winter I went to classes  on How to use my Nook reader.  I really like my Nook reader and have been finding some really old and interesting books on and other free sites  including the public library  to download.  Gutenberg has over 25,000 books to choose from.  I like some of the old ones from the early 1900's.  One such book was about tramps.  Very interesting reading.  Another book the same week I found at the library was codes and secret languages by Paul Lunde.  In it was the codes tramps or Hobos used to mark on fence posts to let other tramps know the condition of the possibility to get something to eat.  I found this very interesting to find these in the same week.  These poor lost souls are remarkably intelligent, but we would consider them today as square pegs in a round hole, or wandering free spirits.
If you have read all my blogs you will recall the one about the Hobos that used to know to come to my Grandmothers house to get a good  meal in exchange for working on the farm.  Word must have got around.  She always fed them after the work was done.   Two such Hobos came and never left.  They were happy to work and just be fed.  There were 2 shanty's left in the woods from the coal mining days and they took up residence there with a pot belly stove and a bed.  They stayed all their lives there until they died.  Both were very highly educated, college, but just did not conform to society.  Thus they were happy with that life and my Grandmother had her farm taken care of.  They were never allowed in the house but on Sundays  for a big Dinner, but they had to clean and shave and wear clean clothes.  That was common place in my childhood.
So my inspiration is for a farm house front with a picket fence and beautiful flowers and gardens  with all these marks scratched into the fence. Perhaps a Hobo doll sleeping in a hidden spot with a plate of food and glass of lemonade.  Maybe a pie on the window sill with a Hobo smelling it from underneath.   Rakes and shovels, wheelbarrel,  perhaps Grandma sitting in her rocking chair on the porch.  She never did that except on Sunday.  It is hard to believe what we just did not do on Sundays.  It was a day of rest.  No work, no shopping, just Church, a big Sunday dinner and friends and family coming to visit.
My thought is of Red Skeleton the comedian when he played Clem Cadidelhopper.  A stick with a red hankie with all his worldly goods, shoes with the toes out and a hat with the top cut and flipped up to let the sun in on his head.  Gloves with the fingers out. A cigar in his mouth.

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  1. Hello Karen! Yes I agree, the red buttons do look like they are waiting a Big Transformation into a Mini Delight! Lets see what you do with them!