Sunday, April 21, 2013

Miniature shopping spree

This picture reminds  me of myself when going  to my favorite haunts on mini shopping sprees.  There was  a mission yesterday to find supplies for a future  How to project.
 Looking at an object much like my friend here, looking off to the side, to the right means your thinking, mouth scrunched up, brows raised, thinking of what possibility that object might hold and where it  can be  placed  in a room box, what can it be made into.  You all know what I am talking about.  Then  that Eureka moment comes along with the smile of genuine happiness.  In to the cart and off to other finds.  The jewelry  areas are becoming more interesting with tiny objects, bird cages, boxes, keys and locks, old time pictures.  Check it out on your next visit.  When these unexpected surprises  come along I always tell myself what a great day it is to be Me!

 In the baskets of bargains in the front of the store I found note cards and memo books with the envelopes and the back of the memo book with these neat line drawings of patterns.  They were called Be Glamorous.   A photocopy of this would look great in a sewing room.  Only $1.00  A great gift idea in a basket for a mini friend.
Easter  baskets 2 in a pack for .20 cents.  80%  off . The eggs are way to big but the baskets and the grass inside are just right. Quite a bargain!

 My 40% coupon were used  on these stamps by Recollections  10 to a package .  The one on the top was in the bargain bin.  These are all textured stamps.  Perfect size for 1/12 scale.  Fimo softened and stamped with the inside cut out and then painted would be a lovely frame.    I am going to experiment with embossing powder on hard Matt board and see what results that would make.  This next weekend a big Scrapbook Convention is coming to town which has been anticipated since last year.  Looking forward to finding all kinds of new and unusual mini finds and of course paper to use in my projects.  Tools and doo-dads are also a possibility.  Last years find was  a paper crimper that made the tiniest crimp for cupcake holders.

Also found in the bargain bin, not photographed, were Mary Englebreit mini 6X6" papers 12 sheets to a pack for $1.00.    Tea pots, tiny cupcakes, checks just right for some mini project.
a pack of paper dolls with the background settings, kitchen, setting area, really cute.  These would make a little gift in a card for someone's favorite little girl.  The cover picture on each of these packs are even tinier than the inside and could be used for paper in a scrapbook shop.

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  1. Hi Karen! I found you through Pinterest and I like the way you think! You seem to see things for what they can be rather than what they currently are and that is a great gift especially for miniatures. By the way, you said that the eggs are too big but if you painted them chocolate and fussed them up some they could still be used. I just started reading your blog and I am already lovin it!