Sunday, April 28, 2013

Record Hop-Sock Hop-Party anyone?

Above is a record stand for food items found on Pinterest
It inspired me to make one like it in miniature

Other items and accessories
Items needed to make record food tier : 3 small jewel beads , records I found at Hobby lobby, and a pin with decorative head on it.    The larger records I found at a cake decorating studio  They were 1 1/4" in size.  I cut the edge of the middle record off just to make it smaller than the bottom one.  The one on top is from Hobby Lobby.  If you cannot find records you could use a paper punch in various sizes  and cut out of black paper.  If you go onto  free printie sites you can find record labels to use on the paper.  Punch a small hole in the middle and proceed the same.  I used a small record for the base and glued the big record on top of it.  This lifts up the bottom somewhat and it is not completely flat on the table.  Next alternate the bead or jewel find between records to lift the tiers  glue the pin to hold upright down thru and allow to dry.  I used a glaze to make the records shiny, but you could use nail polish as well.
The extra pieces I tried to bake in the oven like we used to with records and make bowls.  The difference is the real records were vinyl and would melt, but these are plastic.  All they did was curve in at one end and they look like a heart.  But that's OK because they look like little dishes for the snacks.  The large record that bowed up and sunk down in the front is for snacks, pretzels or potato chips.  Potato chips can be made out of green pepper seed, dried and slightly baked in the oven.  Looks just like chips.  A pizza would look nice with this. Depending on what era you were using, soda pop, or cans or pop of the time period would be nice.
If you do not visit Pinterest, now would be a good time to peruse the site.  I have my feed for mini's and every day the latest posts come across.  Right now there is a juke box, diner pictures, and diner menus.  There is a search box, just put in what your looking for and it will come right up.
Looking in my stash I found a poodle skirt and shirt with a scarf kit from a round table at Convention and some saddle shoes and penny loafers that I found at a show somewhere.  A letter jacket, guitar, record player  that will be great in this room box.  My record holder was pink with a poodle on it.  A lot of happy memories centered around music.  The days of Elvis and the Everly Brothers. I hope you enjoy this inexpensive, fast and fun project.


  1. Hi Karen! You have a great idea on the turn table here! LOve the mini records and it is a nice reworking of the full-sized serving tray! Smart girl!