Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Tea anyone?

This has nothing to do with tea but I thought it was a breathtaking display. I'd like to say it was my yard, but my nose would grow with that one.

These wonderful teapots are from Oriental Trading Company.  They have a  Look under teapot beads.  I have some of these that I got at National Convention and they are just to cute.  You can put whatever bead you would like in it.  I think this would make a great gift for some of your mini friends or gift exchanges.
These could also be used for placecard settings at a card party or luncheon, a bookmark on a ribbon, necklace, earrings, seasonal color beads for a seasonal roombox.

What miniaturist would not like to have a bracelet or necklace like this.  I am in to this!
I have looked all over the place for these bead caps and now today I have found them.
I want to do a Tea Room for Red Hats and this would be perfect.  I once saw a necklace at a mini show with all tea pots that a lady hand painted.  It was quite a few hundred dollars.  This is certainly a cheaper alternative.

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  1. Hi Karen! I love this braclet and I have looked at it before and admired all the little teapots that are on it.. What a great idea for doing a tearoom for the REd Hat Society! I was working in a store quite a few years ago and I served a lady who was wearing the most incredible red hat and a purple outfit. A few minutes after she left another lady came by and then another... there was a "Gathering" of red hats in the city and the red hats were out in full force all wearing purple. It was quite the parade that day inside the store and along the sidewalks. There were some hats that were very creative. I'm not sure what they are all about but every one of the ladies I saw or spoke to was indeed a LADY!