Sunday, May 5, 2013

Seeing the Possibilities in all Things

A clear shipping support  oval dome shape  6" x 4"that recently came in the mail supporting something, thrown away in the trash can
Upon thinking  about it, out of the trash it came.  It looks like a modern sunken bath tub  .I can see it painted marble or perhaps spray paint with textured paint.  On Pinterest right now is a tutorial for making spigots out of earring wires and beads.  For the jets  scrapbook eyelets could be used and a brad for the drain.   The platform around  it is 9" x 6" with a clear box that could be a planter.  Place some towels and candles around the outer edge and you have a bath sauna or retreat.  A bottle of wine and 2 glasses.  Perhaps place a gazebo cover on top.  For very little cash a new idea is born.   Think of the Possibilities of all things before pitching.
One of my most followed and watched blogs has been the one of a suitcase out of a mini Altoids case.  In the near future I am doing another similar one to that out of an unusual mint case now being found at The Cracker Barrel Restaurant.   I am making it into a lovely piece of furniture.  Stay tuned for future developments.
I subscribe to Mary Englebreit newsletter.  She is a wonderful, colorful, delightful artist.  A recent  letter  said because she is copyrighted they are going to start cracking down on copy cat artists.  Noticing many web sites with printables and items for sale in our mini world that are Mary Englebreit look a likes might be infringing on Copyrights.  I'm just passing this on just in case.  If its for personal use it might be OK, but selling might be stepping on toes.
Disney and Coke are very protective of items that are counterfeit.  I did a show in the 1980's and they were made to pull the Coke items off the tables.
If you are a historical buff, on Sunday evenings, PBS stations have a wonderful lineup of Historical based series going on right now.  I enjoy Sunday evenings because of this line up.
The Midwives, based in 1950's England, Mr. Selfridge, based on Victorian times in England and a true story of an American who went to England and started the first Department store, and then The Bletchly Circle, England after the War, women who were decoders during the War , now living normal lives,  getting back into sleuthing to solve  serial murders involving women.  These are interesting  because they show what was acceptable Socially and Morality in these times, but also the design of the clothing and hairstyles and furniture and Architecture.
Starting the next season will be the next of the series of Downton Abby which is about in its 6th season, starting in Victorian times now up to the 1920's.  How the generations live and  adapt and change with each passing year.  If you have not seen any of these episodes most of your local libraries carry the other seasons. 
After each viewing  I feel it has been a history lesson.  Each Sunday Evening is looked forward to like a vacation in time.  Everything is Tivoed just in case I get interrupted in viewing.   For some unknown reason I desire to have  tea and cakes during this time.   Perhaps its the English accents on all these shows.   I am a coffee drinker  by nature but tea is good .  They always look like they are enjoying tea time.  Such small, simple pleasures!.

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  1. Thanks for the idea!
    I have something like that in my stash. I couldnt figure out what it could be. Now I have a few ideas generated from your one idea. How about a pond?