Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Time Flies By whether your having fun or not!!

A cute picture from Pinterest and a talented artist.  Looks like Altoids skull heads and match boxes maybe scrapbook art for the pictures

Another cute pinterest  picture

If you are really talented with wood this would be a great idea

A great fireplace cover, could be made of Fimo

A good use for those plastic skeletons

Abe Lincoln seems to be in the news as of late.  Maybe a current picture?
Hello everyone!  I feel I must put something up for you to look at and get inspiration from.  All the pictures are from Pinterest   which is a great place for inspiration.  If you have never been on that site, I just took a class about it at my local library.  I never realized all the ways to get information off it.  On the left corner top there is a search bar- type in miniatures or dollhouse miniatures and then a drop down menu comes down, you can just look at pins of miniatures, you can look at boards of complete miniatures.  Wow!!    You will never be at a loss of things to do again.
I have been absent from this blog for a few months due to the fact I have been going back to school for a new career.  When I do something its usually full throttle, and disrupts my comfort zone for a long time.  However, it was just time for a change in my career and the way my life was going. .  If you want to be happy, only you can make that happen.
During my off time I had a chance to clean my house and go thru things and sell  them , organize my miniatures and future projects, change my mind about a lot of projects that just aren't me anymore.  Surprisingly I did not work on miniatures at all during that time, but put to paper a lot of How to projects I hope to do in the near future for this blog.
So I am alive and well, still able to learn  and absorb new ideas  and hope to bring new inspiration to all of you soon!  My greatest thrill is to see who has visited my blog, what country I have been to that day, and what blog seems to be the favorite.  Who new 2 years ago on a snowy February day that  my blog would have over 20,000 hits, as I said then, Why Not?   Thanks to all of You!!!!!!!!!!!!