Sunday, July 28, 2013

Toledo Area Miniature Enthusists TAME Fun day in July

This is a project that was made by the Toledo miniature club for a fun day in July.
I traveled 3 hours to get there in a lot of rain and wind starting at 4:00Am.  Nothing could keep me from getting to this destination.  Only after getting there did I realize the areas I was going through  had a tornado watch going on.  But I got there OK and I am so glad I did.  This was a fun project and the whole day with these lovely ladies was certainly worth it.  The cost was $55.00 for the project and a whole package of kits for toys inside the box.  Breakfast and lunch were also included.  We had a raffle and other things to buy.  I was so lucky to win a lovely Japanese lady in a Kimono to go with my Japanese swaps from last year.  The picture is of the prototype.  I did not get mine finished to a state of perfection, but I will. The toys are another whole day of assembly.  Such a great selection.  I will share those on another day.  I plan on hanging mine on the wall to keep it out of the way.
This was the inspiration piece that the creator found last year at Christmas time.  A gift box the same size all decorated up and ready for a package.

These pictures were on the side of the box and will be inspiration for the next years series of projects.
The box was made from a shoebox style box used for picture storage. 12"tops and about 8 inches in depth. We used brick scrapbook paper to cover the outside after cutting windows and door from the lid.  Inside was paper with toys on it.  Black paper for the roof and a grooved black paper for the shutters.  A shelf from wood was assembled for the wall.  Quilling paper was used for the window and door sashes. Window boxes of wood with tiny holly and berries were applied.
I really enjoyed this mini holiday.  There is nothing like being with other people with like interests.  I did not go to Name National Convention this year so this was a good replacement.
Life has been busy with my new job and  getting ready for the Grand Opening  and taking classes for Excel.  It is something if you don't use you will loose it.  My new employ has 2013 Microsoft programs, so I went to learn them all over again.
Another exciting happening was recently on EBay I purchased a dollhouse I have had my eye on for years.  I was browsing  and 2 minutes before it was ready to go off auction I saw it.  75% cheaper than retail and no one had bid on it.  I punched the button and waited.  I won! What a couple minutes of anticipation and excitement.  That's another thing off my bucket list.
In another blog I will have  addresses and blogs of people that have recently taken advantage of new technologies and self published their own books.  Miniaturists of course.  I purchased 4 just this month and they are fantastic books.  What we do not have any more are How to books and nice books on miniatures.  It has got me thinking about writing a book of my own with How To's and pictures of each step.     Each of the books I purchased offered a down loadable copy at half the price to download to my computer.  They are nice too, but I much prefer the copy to take everywhere with me and look at again and again.
  Till next time -Peace -  Joy  -  Love-   and   Mini Happy Returns !   Karen