Friday, August 2, 2013

Blurb anyone?

Just an update on my chickens.  They are a hoot.  The duck is in constant state of sitting on the chickens eggs.  I don't have the heart to tell her  they will never be a clone of her.  This appears to be her mission in life, and the chickens abide by her rules to lay the eggs and go about their business, while she rolls them into the nest. and sits, and sits, and sits, until they blow up from the summer heat.

I did not publish any pictures from the following books because of copyright infringements.  To see pictures go onto the Web site or Pinterest and go to their name.  Pictures will come up of their creations.

In the last blog I told you about a site called Blurb.  You can create and publish your own book.
Here are the websites and the books published by Cynthia Lauren Speren.  She is a Cottage style and food miniaturist.   There you  will see  3 books she has available.

Mini-ologies   a new seasonal miniature magazine

Cottage Style Kitchens by Cynthia Lauren Speren

Cooking and Baking in Miniature Cottage Kitchens  by Cynthia Lauren Speren

These books are just beautiful with wonderful colorful pictures and recipes on how to make items in the mini kitchen.   Click on detail of each book and it will take you to the Blurb Website.  Very easy order by credit card or pay pal.  You can preview a few pages of each book on the website.  If you like cottage country and shabby chic these are for you.

The next website to go to and see her book is     Stephanie Kilgast is a miniature food artist and her book is called Party Food.  Each is detailed on how to make.  You will look at this over and over.  It is also easy to order and comes in just about a week.

The next book on Blurb is by Kim  Saulter a food artist.  Google her name and her blog will come up.  Her book is called  Miniature Kitchen Loves and Sweet Inspirations in 1/12 scale.  This one has a book or online book available.  I chose the online book which is lovely, but I still prefer the paper style hold in your hand book.

After looking at the Blurb site and seeing these lovely ladies books, I am also inspired to work on a book of How-To's.  It will take a while because good pictures and interesting settings also need to be made.  I think this new tecnology will be a great boon to Miniaturists.  Inspiration can come in many ways.  All of the above  books and magazines have really created a desire in me to do something more.

Hope you enjoy researching  these sites and looking at these lovely designs by Talented Miniaturist's.

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  1. LOve it..!! and good luck on that new book..! How-To's :)