Tuesday, August 20, 2013


This is my most favorite mini, my Grandson  with glasses from Mr. Potato Head play set.  He just loves pilfering through Grandma's miniature stash, and creating miniature items.    He has started to find things and keeps them for Grandma because we might be able to  use them.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to attend the Aztek  Miniatures Wholesale show in Aurora, Ohio.  Over  100 vendors attended  with all the latest in what is available in the miniatures world.  It is  overwhelming  what is  out there.  It took over 4 hours just getting  one round in, another 3 hours retracing and trying to remember where  the items I wanted to buy were.  Many bargains were to be found, and  one of a kind treasures.  There are so many talented and creative artists.   The food buffet was endless  and included in the cost of the ticket, which was free!  It does not get any better than this.  Aztek had a truckload sale that I cleaned up on, prices way below wholesale, just discontinued items. Who does not love a bargain!
Another wonderful source of miniatures  and ideas in my life is the local Library.  This past week our library had a book sale.  This particular library gets rid of books that do not have a circulation in that year.  It  was sad to see so many wonderful books for the taking at .50 cents and  l.00.  What made me happy was having the opportunity to purchase them.
I purchased 4 wonderful miniature instruction books, original price 29.99 and 5  Costume books from different eras.  These are perfect as reference books when dressing dolls.  There were a few food and cookie books, for pictures to look at while making Fimo clay food.  A couple Food Encyclopedias with detailed pictures of Fruits  and Vegetables, Fish and other Meats, Country decorating books to assemble furniture in mini.  One such book had detailed line drawings for the furniture, and they were 1/12" scale drawings!  A price guide of antique post cards with all the pictures in color, Halloween idea books, poster books in color, just the right size to cut out and put in a frame for miniature making.  A general store price guide with signs, crates and labels.  Books like this are not only valuable for ideas when making a store, but give you pictures and labels for your containers that you can  make.  For 50 cents on these books, I do not feel guilty cutting them up.  The best one of all was Victorian Valentine cards, and you guessed it, the cards are to scale or could be made to scale.
I also found a self published book that someone got rid of about Mourning in the Victorian Era.  Very interesting and a part of History. Did not make it back on Sunday for the bag sale , all the books you can stuff into a bag for $3.00. 
A new show on cable TV called Flea Market Flip had an idea using books that was pretty clever and could be used in mini decorating as well.  A shelf with doors was used.  Old books were cut back about 2-3 inches on the spine so all they had was the title  and part of the pages showing where it was bound.  They glued them all on the door.  When finished it looked like a library shelf full of books.   Behind the doors was a secret shelf for hiding things.  They made it into a liquor cabinet.  I'm all for recycling and reusing things for another purpose, old books will never be the same again.
My favorite Victoria  magazine publishes many books with just beautiful pictures in them and I purchased a couple of those.
Shabby Chic ideas galore, just waiting to transfer over into miniature rooms.  On one page was a wall full of decorated plates, just the right size to cut out and glue on a mini plate.
These week ends do not come around very often, but prompted me to taking the long way home, thru country roads and little towns. I like the unexpected surprise of a shop or stand along the road,  homemade  ice cream stands,  hitting a few garage sales along the way, fruit and vegetables farm fresh.  Most of all  enjoying taking my time, because  when I return home, all the things that  should have done will still be there, and then the guilt  sets in, only for a short while.  My philosophy is  like Scarlett O'Hara, Tomorrow is another day, but I like Rhett Butler's philosophy of life better  " I don't give a D---! 
 Life is too short, live it to the fullest!  Tomorrow is another day, if you exit before that time someone will finally clean it up!

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  1. Hi Karen! I love this posting with your grandson and his uber chic Mr. Potato Head specs! What a cute picture. I am so glad that you adopted those books! To me there is no replacement for having information in book form. I love the net, but I love the feel of paper in my hands it never needs recharging! I find many out of print books on minis at the local thrift stores and I snap them up whenever I can. Some of the finished projects are outdated but the ideas can always be up-graded and give you a good kick start. It seems that You have scooped up enough to keep you going for quite a while Karen, so enjoy and have fun!