Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gelatin molds finish in time for Trick or Treat Party


Trick or Treat, Smell my feet- if you don't give me something good to Eat. I can't believe as kids we said that but we did.  Is it too late to take it back?

This is a little ghost that I did a How- to about last year.  Go to Archives 2012 for the instructions.

Here are the gelatin molds I made the other day, trimmed up with other items on a treat table for a party.  The cupcakes are a How to from last year on my blog.
  The black cat  all that was added to it was a pair of  googly eyes.
 The cake is a lid from Oil of Olay, 3 tiers painted with white and orange paint, trimmed with white candy bones, and a skill in the center, black spider attached to the cake.
  The tray on the right end is a cookie tray filled with white candy bones and pumpkin heads.  These are the sprinkles for real cakes.  I put varnish over them.
  The gelatin mold with the bones in it has a skull with googly eyes.
  The orange gelatin mold I used black puffy paint and painted in the eyes and mouth, nose.  White puffy paint was put around the bottom and green puffy paint painted in strings to look like grass was added.  A black spider was attached to its face.
  The hand is a button with the shank cut of and made into a  tray for cookies, also candy treats sprinkles. 
These are from the craft and scrapbook store.  Just rounds with Halloween items on them.  I guess for bottle caps and scrap booking.  I cut them out and made paper plates with them.

This wooden jig is a paper plate jig from Dragonfly intl  The web site is
I purchased this at a show and just had the chance to try it out It makes great paper plates and the choices for colorful plates is endless with all the hard card stock in the scrapbook store.  Just remember to follow the instructions and slightly dampen the paper first.  It makes it a whole lot easier.


Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Book Gardening in Miniature Janit Calvo

A new book to look for at your book store or libraryJanit Calvo is a fellow miniaturist, artist and gardener. Her love of all the above has led to Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center since 2001 in Seattle Washington.  This book is all bout miniature gardens, the best plants to use and of course lots of possible scenes involving miniatures.   255 pages- Timber Press publishing 2013.  Her blog is and her website is TwoGreen
It would be a delightful book to look at again and again.  Put on the Coffee table and use for reference.  I found many great ideas to use in the future.  I picked it up in the hope that maybe the routy new neighbors would get some class and landscape the area around the tree they borrowed.  I believe I told you last last year my daughter and I made some fairy gardens and a lot of that furniture has disappeared.  Some new doors have sprouted up all over the neighborhood and I believe I saw a For Sale sign outside the Maple tree. There is dirt piles hooved up all around the tree.  Maybe they are digging for gold, or maybe they are looking for the septic tank. Trails of bread chunks have appeared on the ground from the chicken pen to the tree.  It appears 3 giant crows are moving in the neighborhood as well and think they are chickens.  When I come home at night and call out Hi Girls, there is definitely more than 4 girls answering.    It is getting dark so early now, I just don't feel like using a flashlight to investigate.  I will have to check this all out this week end while I am mowing the lawn.  I don't want to appear obvious.   Better take my camera, they are quick.
I got this at the library and have to return it  after 2 weeks because there is a waiting list.  I saw another book in the new releases  but did not get the name of the person who wrote it about Fairy Gardens.  I am glad new books are coming out to keep interest in Miniatures fresh and new.  In some SMALL way it keeps us in contact with the child in us and Nature as well. 

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Hooray, stolen picture finds its way back home again!

If you remember my blog on August 7, 2013, you will recall that this beautiful needlepoint picture  was stolen from Theresa Layman's table at a show this year.
Many of you responded with your thoughts and prayers.  I am a firm believer in prayer and the answers brought about by them.   I have just received a current E mail from Small Stuff  Digest and the picture has been returned anonymously in a plain envelope from somewhere in New York.  Hooray!   I just had to blog right away to let you all know.  In some small way we all had our part in the return of this by our thoughts and prayers.
When I pray, I fully expect to see the results  or outcome of that  prayer.  I have not been disappointed today.      Thank you all, there is power in numbers for a common cause.  Now if those checks that were  supposedly put in the mail  by a few customers 20 years ago  would  finally show up my complete faith would be restored.  Thank God for Pay Pal.

Monday, September 23, 2013

Gelatin Tutorial From Window Clings

These are window clings in various colors and patterns purchased at any Dollar Store.
They are the consistency of gummy candy and stick on mirrors and windows.  I use these to produce mini Gelatin  Molds for my mini scenes. I refer to Gelatin so not to infringe on any copyrights.  The real thing has been a food staple since 1910.   These are fun to make and so many pretty colors are available.  The molds are also readily available if you are fortunate enough to have a Cake Decorating store nearby.  Check out the possibility of hollow back buttons from a material store.  Many remind me of molds on the back.

This is a plastic  chocolate candy  mold bought at a Cake and Candy decorating store.  Mini cats, pumpkins, owls and skeleton heads.  I will use the cat and pumpkin on this one today.
These are copper molds in 1/12" scale that I have collected over the years,  My favorite one is the round bundt style cake pan I will use that one  in this tutorial

Another example of candy mold available to use for cakes.  These plastic molds can be used to form Fimo into a shape, refrigerated until cold and then popped out of the mold and then baked as normal Fimo clay.  Do not attempt to bake in these molds because they are poly plastic.  If you find a silicone mold, those are safe to use in the oven.  Just follow instructions.
The tiny mold is 3/4" across and the pumpkin window cling was about 2 " x 2" in size.  It was enough to melt down into enough liquid to fill the mold.  I used candy sprinkles in the shape of bones, laying them down inside after putting a small amount  of melted window cling in first.  Then filling the rest to the level of the pan.

After leaving set for about an hour I used a tooth pick to pry up a section and slowly peel out the gelatin from the mold. 

Any kind of cooking spray  needs to be used to spray into the mold and then a paper towel patted over to absorb the excess oil out.  This makes it easier to release the mold and the clings will not  stick.
Here is the cat and pumpkin gelatin unmolded and undecorated

These are buttons, the hands are from any material store  I will cut the backs off and use them for plates and treat platters.  They can be spray painted, and if you use an embossing  gun to heat the plastic , the fingers could probably be curved upward.   The round clear buttons with the silver squiggles in them are from the Dollar Tree and just begged to be plates.
General instructions for making the gelatin molds:  Any mold needs to be sprayed with the cooking spray and then blotted out for the excess;  Using a metal handle measuring cup and a metal spoon, on low heat on an electric stove, put in a window cling and constantly stir.  It will start to melt really fast,  will be like thick maple syrup with no lumps and once it does you have to start to pour into the mold.  I can not vouch for gas on this since I did not use gas.  It could be flammable.  I did not notice any smell, but a small amount of steam did arise, but I turned on my stove fan and it took it away.  Let set in mold for about an hour.  Use a tooth pick to pry up one corner and slowly pull from the mold.  A warning:  These do resemble and look like the gummy type candy, so if children are around lock them away.  I do not know what this stuff is made of. Do not work on these if you are hungry.  I did this while preparing Supper.    I found myself wanting to pop one into my mouth.  They take on a harder consistency than the window cling, more like the real Gelatin molds we make for dessert.  A quick wash in water  and blot with a paper towel to get rid of any residue from the cooking spray and you are done. These go fast if you have the items prepared but do not plan to multi task while doing this.  It takes your complete attention. 
The next blog I will decorate and put in a scene.  Puffy paint whipped cream, and sprinkles.  Let the party begin.

Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Mini-ologie is Here!!  I found these neat hand hangers for Halloween at this link.  I like the furniture and other items you can purchase on this web site.  This is a good idea for a miniature wall as well.  You could make them out of skeleton hands, or feeling really stoked fashion them out of fimo clay with maybe wire underneath.

Well if you remember the Mini-ologie Summer issue I blogged  and raved about, now its time to tell you to go to and see the Fall issue.  It is beautiful and available to purchase right now from that web site.  If you purchase the hard copy a PDF version is free to view on your computer as well. This fan  still needs the hard copy to peruse.

I am working on a Jello How to-- to post in the near future.  Making it in mini takes longer than any real size one ever did.  In fact the real size is made and devoured already.  So be looking for the window clings in Fall Colors, usually found in the Dollar stores, and something to mold them in. This will be something to put on your Halloween table that will be inexpensive to make and colorful and maybe downright spooky.  Stay tuned!!

Sunday, September 8, 2013


The continuing story of my rent free neighbor.  Have not met the critter yet, but after last nights escapades I am not sure I want too!   The music was loud and annoying.  There was a party going on around here as saw by the empty bottles thrown out the door.   I heard the chickens and the duck  creating a ruckus as well.  I though I heard someone mention eggs.   A tiny Harley Davidson jacket and pants was hanging up on a little clothes line using sticks for the poles.  I'm not sure what these little ones drive or how they got here.

Another mini Leather jacket hanging up in the tree limbs.

I am not sure what the intention is on this birdhouse taken off the porch and moved near by the tree.
There was tire marks on the sidewalk where they spun their wheels.    I better make sure the doors are sealed to my house.  If they find out I have miniatures they will go on a shopping spree.  I do hope this is like the old days when an elf would move in and make or shine new shoes for you in the night.  Maybe spin hay into gold or something.
Would it be too much to ask for a little good luck, discover an oil well,  or maybe gold in the stream.? 

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you will remember the story of my learning to weave on a large loom.  After learning to knit in miniature this year, it moved me to give weaving another try.  I found this mini loom on line and it is only 10 inches and sets on a table.    After assembling you can go online and learn how to string it.  I think this is perhaps the easier way to go.  Miniature  rag rugs and blankets are what I intend to make with this.  A winter project for sure.

Monday, September 2, 2013

The Keebler Elves are up to something!!!!!!

This door popped up overnight on a tree outside my house.  It is kind of ironic because I just saw a TV add that was made by the Keebler Elves.  Not much information but a web site         I went on that site and it seems there are  little doors popping up all over Wisconsin, particularly Milwaukee  But they seem to be popping up in other locals as well.   Could it be?  Last year we had fairy houses, now maybe they want to go it alone this year. 

Looks like lots of digging went on to get inside the tree.  A summer screen door and winter is soon to be here.  Is that a fairy behind the screen.  Did not see that when I took the picture.!

Feloney  the dog notices the door  right away and brings it to my attention.  She hasn't left the spot since.
I remember a few years ago in Ann Arbor Michigan there were doors all over the place.  If you google Ann Arbor doors they will come up.  is another site that is pretty interesting.    I'm amazed and excited to have been chosen.  Maybe my tree has been chosen  for a new regional  cookie factory.  Word up that I like to bake cookies.

I went to a local Flea Market  today and found all this in a bag for $3.00.  It made me happy and sad at the same time.  The crock is a beautiful hand made crock, with removable lid.  the floral vase is a piece  Reutter porcelain from Germany, the pot is a Chrysnbon  piece.  I am sure these were treasures and greatly prized by the owner.  The kids in an effort to get rid of it threw them in a bag not caring what the value was.  It makes me wonder how my treasures will be dispersed.  I will treasure these for the former owner, especially the pot signed by CNC  It is glazed inside with brown glaze.  Looks much like the caliber of work of Jane  Graber Pottery.

These tiny gems are from a Marble factory, Knight marble from the 1900's in Akron Ohio.  It was torn down and my Father brought home buckets of the clay marbles as he was chosen to haul the building away.  Not one of these were in the marble buckets. I found these at an Antique Shop on the way home today.  A little sign next to them told the story.  I was familiar with the marbles but this took me by surprise.  I am sure if there were any left when my Father was there he would have brought them home as well.  They are about 1 inch high and from a mold.  Probably used to test the clay before making the marbles.  I absolutely love them.  Very rustic looking .

It was a very    MINI   Lovely Day. 

Sunday, September 1, 2013

Minifinds for Halloween at your Local Craft or Scrapbook store

How did they get this cat to sit still long enough to do this?  Taken from Pinterest.

Jolee's Scrap booking finds has this out right now for Halloween. This would be perfect fit in a 1/12" setting. the size is 3 inches wide   4 inches tall.  It is a glitter white finish and a picture can slide into the back over the profile of the witch.

These are Jolee's as well.  Picture frames with pictures that can be used as is.  Largest is 2" x 1 1/2"

These are cute and could be the ghost residents in the house . Soft bodies and plastic heads, the largest being 3 1/2" Each has stick em tape on the back and could attach to the wall.  The front of each is 3-D not flat looking.  Love the bat cat.

These are the greatest and remind me of the hinged skeletons we used to have for the doors.  Each is hinged on the arms and legs with a tiny paper fastener,  4 1/2" high on each and very colorful.  From Jolee's Scrapbook as well.  Underneath the  blue sticker is a 3 D trick or treat sign that is pretty neat.  Even the cat is hinged and flexible.

Martha Stewart scrapbook area usually has a great selection in the Halloween Department as well.  I fall in Love with the designs that are retro like when I was a kid.

Hope you enjoy your Holiday week end.  Its starting to be Fall here already, leaves are coming down, despite the Hot heat.  I am looking forward to the cooler temperatures so I can get some outside work done.  Fall has to be the most beautiful time of year.

Rethinking a kit into Something else How to

This wagon is  1/12" scale from something entirely unrelated to Halloween decorating in miniature.
Finding myself  purchasing a bunch of these because of the fascination of the wheels, today I found myself  putting one together.   
As you see from the pictures, it is a simple kit for a covered wagon for children found at a craft store in the Children's section
The kit comes complete with wheels, and side and bottom to make a box for the base.  The cover is cardboard and is cute but not for 1/12" decorating.  A child could put this together in a few minutes.  I however took hours to alter it.  I painted the wheels and added a jewel find for a hub.  I used a knife blade and made slices to look like mini wood strips.  After painting I used a tiny marker and ran it down the slice to enhance the board look.  At the ends I made tiny nail heads to the nailing of the boards.  I altered the seat somewhat from the directions to make a buckboard.  If I had the right gage wire I would line the wheels on the outside rim to look more 3 -D
The paint was a red color, followed by a brown wash watered down and wiped off. Inside are mini hay bales covered with pods that look like pumpkins    Finished  size  comes to 8 1/2" x 4 1/2".  Just right for a fall scene  and won't take up too much space.
I purchased quite a few of these kits at a great price and will be selling them on EBay under the name Smlhearts.
In the past couple of weeks I opened a store on  in an effort to clean up  odds and ends I have made over the years.  I have many items posted on Pinterest from both my blog and Etsy.
If you remember the blog last month about Mini-ologie from Cynthia Sperin at Cynthia's Cottage Design and happened to purchase the summer issue, you will be happy to know the Fall issue will be coming out soon and will be bigger and better then ever.  Go to cynthiascottagedesign for the details.  She also is featured in The Dolls House Magazine this month.  I believe this is a British Magazine and the cover features her designs and looks like the cover of County Living.