Sunday, September 22, 2013

Fall Mini-ologie is Here!!  I found these neat hand hangers for Halloween at this link.  I like the furniture and other items you can purchase on this web site.  This is a good idea for a miniature wall as well.  You could make them out of skeleton hands, or feeling really stoked fashion them out of fimo clay with maybe wire underneath.

Well if you remember the Mini-ologie Summer issue I blogged  and raved about, now its time to tell you to go to and see the Fall issue.  It is beautiful and available to purchase right now from that web site.  If you purchase the hard copy a PDF version is free to view on your computer as well. This fan  still needs the hard copy to peruse.

I am working on a Jello How to-- to post in the near future.  Making it in mini takes longer than any real size one ever did.  In fact the real size is made and devoured already.  So be looking for the window clings in Fall Colors, usually found in the Dollar stores, and something to mold them in. This will be something to put on your Halloween table that will be inexpensive to make and colorful and maybe downright spooky.  Stay tuned!!

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