Monday, September 23, 2013

Gelatin Tutorial From Window Clings

These are window clings in various colors and patterns purchased at any Dollar Store.
They are the consistency of gummy candy and stick on mirrors and windows.  I use these to produce mini Gelatin  Molds for my mini scenes. I refer to Gelatin so not to infringe on any copyrights.  The real thing has been a food staple since 1910.   These are fun to make and so many pretty colors are available.  The molds are also readily available if you are fortunate enough to have a Cake Decorating store nearby.  Check out the possibility of hollow back buttons from a material store.  Many remind me of molds on the back.

This is a plastic  chocolate candy  mold bought at a Cake and Candy decorating store.  Mini cats, pumpkins, owls and skeleton heads.  I will use the cat and pumpkin on this one today.
These are copper molds in 1/12" scale that I have collected over the years,  My favorite one is the round bundt style cake pan I will use that one  in this tutorial

Another example of candy mold available to use for cakes.  These plastic molds can be used to form Fimo into a shape, refrigerated until cold and then popped out of the mold and then baked as normal Fimo clay.  Do not attempt to bake in these molds because they are poly plastic.  If you find a silicone mold, those are safe to use in the oven.  Just follow instructions.
The tiny mold is 3/4" across and the pumpkin window cling was about 2 " x 2" in size.  It was enough to melt down into enough liquid to fill the mold.  I used candy sprinkles in the shape of bones, laying them down inside after putting a small amount  of melted window cling in first.  Then filling the rest to the level of the pan.

After leaving set for about an hour I used a tooth pick to pry up a section and slowly peel out the gelatin from the mold. 

Any kind of cooking spray  needs to be used to spray into the mold and then a paper towel patted over to absorb the excess oil out.  This makes it easier to release the mold and the clings will not  stick.
Here is the cat and pumpkin gelatin unmolded and undecorated

These are buttons, the hands are from any material store  I will cut the backs off and use them for plates and treat platters.  They can be spray painted, and if you use an embossing  gun to heat the plastic , the fingers could probably be curved upward.   The round clear buttons with the silver squiggles in them are from the Dollar Tree and just begged to be plates.
General instructions for making the gelatin molds:  Any mold needs to be sprayed with the cooking spray and then blotted out for the excess;  Using a metal handle measuring cup and a metal spoon, on low heat on an electric stove, put in a window cling and constantly stir.  It will start to melt really fast,  will be like thick maple syrup with no lumps and once it does you have to start to pour into the mold.  I can not vouch for gas on this since I did not use gas.  It could be flammable.  I did not notice any smell, but a small amount of steam did arise, but I turned on my stove fan and it took it away.  Let set in mold for about an hour.  Use a tooth pick to pry up one corner and slowly pull from the mold.  A warning:  These do resemble and look like the gummy type candy, so if children are around lock them away.  I do not know what this stuff is made of. Do not work on these if you are hungry.  I did this while preparing Supper.    I found myself wanting to pop one into my mouth.  They take on a harder consistency than the window cling, more like the real Gelatin molds we make for dessert.  A quick wash in water  and blot with a paper towel to get rid of any residue from the cooking spray and you are done. These go fast if you have the items prepared but do not plan to multi task while doing this.  It takes your complete attention. 
The next blog I will decorate and put in a scene.  Puffy paint whipped cream, and sprinkles.  Let the party begin.

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  1. Hi Karen! I think that this is a Great idea! I had seen something similar on a Spanish blog. (can't recall the address) but this is well explained and easy to follow! I prefer this method to any casting resin or gel candle which I have used before. I love how you used the mini bones for the decoration and the effect is Fantastic! Well Done!:D