Sunday, September 8, 2013


The continuing story of my rent free neighbor.  Have not met the critter yet, but after last nights escapades I am not sure I want too!   The music was loud and annoying.  There was a party going on around here as saw by the empty bottles thrown out the door.   I heard the chickens and the duck  creating a ruckus as well.  I though I heard someone mention eggs.   A tiny Harley Davidson jacket and pants was hanging up on a little clothes line using sticks for the poles.  I'm not sure what these little ones drive or how they got here.

Another mini Leather jacket hanging up in the tree limbs.

I am not sure what the intention is on this birdhouse taken off the porch and moved near by the tree.
There was tire marks on the sidewalk where they spun their wheels.    I better make sure the doors are sealed to my house.  If they find out I have miniatures they will go on a shopping spree.  I do hope this is like the old days when an elf would move in and make or shine new shoes for you in the night.  Maybe spin hay into gold or something.
Would it be too much to ask for a little good luck, discover an oil well,  or maybe gold in the stream.? 

If you have been reading my blog for any length of time you will remember the story of my learning to weave on a large loom.  After learning to knit in miniature this year, it moved me to give weaving another try.  I found this mini loom on line and it is only 10 inches and sets on a table.    After assembling you can go online and learn how to string it.  I think this is perhaps the easier way to go.  Miniature  rag rugs and blankets are what I intend to make with this.  A winter project for sure.

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  1. Those raucus neighbors of yours are too funny! Let me know if you find any gold...maybe a gold tooth? lol
    Have fun on your loom!