Sunday, September 1, 2013

Minifinds for Halloween at your Local Craft or Scrapbook store

How did they get this cat to sit still long enough to do this?  Taken from Pinterest.

Jolee's Scrap booking finds has this out right now for Halloween. This would be perfect fit in a 1/12" setting. the size is 3 inches wide   4 inches tall.  It is a glitter white finish and a picture can slide into the back over the profile of the witch.

These are Jolee's as well.  Picture frames with pictures that can be used as is.  Largest is 2" x 1 1/2"

These are cute and could be the ghost residents in the house . Soft bodies and plastic heads, the largest being 3 1/2" Each has stick em tape on the back and could attach to the wall.  The front of each is 3-D not flat looking.  Love the bat cat.

These are the greatest and remind me of the hinged skeletons we used to have for the doors.  Each is hinged on the arms and legs with a tiny paper fastener,  4 1/2" high on each and very colorful.  From Jolee's Scrapbook as well.  Underneath the  blue sticker is a 3 D trick or treat sign that is pretty neat.  Even the cat is hinged and flexible.

Martha Stewart scrapbook area usually has a great selection in the Halloween Department as well.  I fall in Love with the designs that are retro like when I was a kid.

Hope you enjoy your Holiday week end.  Its starting to be Fall here already, leaves are coming down, despite the Hot heat.  I am looking forward to the cooler temperatures so I can get some outside work done.  Fall has to be the most beautiful time of year.


  1. Wow, and to think I can't even get my cat to take his medicine!

  2. Hi Karen! That cat picture takes the cake! :D

    I was just a Michael's craft store yesterday, and picked up 3 of the Jolees halloween picture frame packages. The store had a special of buy 2 get a third one free. I am not really interested in them for halloween but the frames are the perfect scale and the inserts are easily removed leaving 4 embossed resin frames that can be adapted for elsewhere around the house. A really good investment!


  3. Hello, I am your newest follower. I have a dollhouse and love minis. Don't you just love Jolee's products for miniatures? I bought the first two you showed to use in my mini Haunted House (whenever I get started on it). I hope you will visit my blog, my latest post has lots of minis in it that you might enjoy seeing.
    Have a great week,