Wednesday, September 25, 2013

New Book Gardening in Miniature Janit Calvo

A new book to look for at your book store or libraryJanit Calvo is a fellow miniaturist, artist and gardener. Her love of all the above has led to Two Green Thumbs Miniature Garden Center since 2001 in Seattle Washington.  This book is all bout miniature gardens, the best plants to use and of course lots of possible scenes involving miniatures.   255 pages- Timber Press publishing 2013.  Her blog is and her website is TwoGreen
It would be a delightful book to look at again and again.  Put on the Coffee table and use for reference.  I found many great ideas to use in the future.  I picked it up in the hope that maybe the routy new neighbors would get some class and landscape the area around the tree they borrowed.  I believe I told you last last year my daughter and I made some fairy gardens and a lot of that furniture has disappeared.  Some new doors have sprouted up all over the neighborhood and I believe I saw a For Sale sign outside the Maple tree. There is dirt piles hooved up all around the tree.  Maybe they are digging for gold, or maybe they are looking for the septic tank. Trails of bread chunks have appeared on the ground from the chicken pen to the tree.  It appears 3 giant crows are moving in the neighborhood as well and think they are chickens.  When I come home at night and call out Hi Girls, there is definitely more than 4 girls answering.    It is getting dark so early now, I just don't feel like using a flashlight to investigate.  I will have to check this all out this week end while I am mowing the lawn.  I don't want to appear obvious.   Better take my camera, they are quick.
I got this at the library and have to return it  after 2 weeks because there is a waiting list.  I saw another book in the new releases  but did not get the name of the person who wrote it about Fairy Gardens.  I am glad new books are coming out to keep interest in Miniatures fresh and new.  In some SMALL way it keeps us in contact with the child in us and Nature as well. 

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