Sunday, September 1, 2013

Rethinking a kit into Something else How to

This wagon is  1/12" scale from something entirely unrelated to Halloween decorating in miniature.
Finding myself  purchasing a bunch of these because of the fascination of the wheels, today I found myself  putting one together.   
As you see from the pictures, it is a simple kit for a covered wagon for children found at a craft store in the Children's section
The kit comes complete with wheels, and side and bottom to make a box for the base.  The cover is cardboard and is cute but not for 1/12" decorating.  A child could put this together in a few minutes.  I however took hours to alter it.  I painted the wheels and added a jewel find for a hub.  I used a knife blade and made slices to look like mini wood strips.  After painting I used a tiny marker and ran it down the slice to enhance the board look.  At the ends I made tiny nail heads to the nailing of the boards.  I altered the seat somewhat from the directions to make a buckboard.  If I had the right gage wire I would line the wheels on the outside rim to look more 3 -D
The paint was a red color, followed by a brown wash watered down and wiped off. Inside are mini hay bales covered with pods that look like pumpkins    Finished  size  comes to 8 1/2" x 4 1/2".  Just right for a fall scene  and won't take up too much space.
I purchased quite a few of these kits at a great price and will be selling them on EBay under the name Smlhearts.
In the past couple of weeks I opened a store on  in an effort to clean up  odds and ends I have made over the years.  I have many items posted on Pinterest from both my blog and Etsy.
If you remember the blog last month about Mini-ologie from Cynthia Sperin at Cynthia's Cottage Design and happened to purchase the summer issue, you will be happy to know the Fall issue will be coming out soon and will be bigger and better then ever.  Go to cynthiascottagedesign for the details.  She also is featured in The Dolls House Magazine this month.  I believe this is a British Magazine and the cover features her designs and looks like the cover of County Living.

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