Monday, September 2, 2013

The Keebler Elves are up to something!!!!!!

This door popped up overnight on a tree outside my house.  It is kind of ironic because I just saw a TV add that was made by the Keebler Elves.  Not much information but a web site         I went on that site and it seems there are  little doors popping up all over Wisconsin, particularly Milwaukee  But they seem to be popping up in other locals as well.   Could it be?  Last year we had fairy houses, now maybe they want to go it alone this year. 

Looks like lots of digging went on to get inside the tree.  A summer screen door and winter is soon to be here.  Is that a fairy behind the screen.  Did not see that when I took the picture.!

Feloney  the dog notices the door  right away and brings it to my attention.  She hasn't left the spot since.
I remember a few years ago in Ann Arbor Michigan there were doors all over the place.  If you google Ann Arbor doors they will come up.  is another site that is pretty interesting.    I'm amazed and excited to have been chosen.  Maybe my tree has been chosen  for a new regional  cookie factory.  Word up that I like to bake cookies.

I went to a local Flea Market  today and found all this in a bag for $3.00.  It made me happy and sad at the same time.  The crock is a beautiful hand made crock, with removable lid.  the floral vase is a piece  Reutter porcelain from Germany, the pot is a Chrysnbon  piece.  I am sure these were treasures and greatly prized by the owner.  The kids in an effort to get rid of it threw them in a bag not caring what the value was.  It makes me wonder how my treasures will be dispersed.  I will treasure these for the former owner, especially the pot signed by CNC  It is glazed inside with brown glaze.  Looks much like the caliber of work of Jane  Graber Pottery.

These tiny gems are from a Marble factory, Knight marble from the 1900's in Akron Ohio.  It was torn down and my Father brought home buckets of the clay marbles as he was chosen to haul the building away.  Not one of these were in the marble buckets. I found these at an Antique Shop on the way home today.  A little sign next to them told the story.  I was familiar with the marbles but this took me by surprise.  I am sure if there were any left when my Father was there he would have brought them home as well.  They are about 1 inch high and from a mold.  Probably used to test the clay before making the marbles.  I absolutely love them.  Very rustic looking .

It was a very    MINI   Lovely Day. 


  1. What great finds! I too wonder what will happen to my dolly things when I go. My dolly friend wonders if she will ever finish before she passes. I guess the idea is to just have fun while we can.
    Now, according to your finds...looks like you are going to be doing some laundry and dusting. Have fun! :-)

  2. Oh, yeah the fairy doors are so exciting. Keep us posted if you see anything move inside!

  3. I love the idea of little doors popping up like mushrooms! What fun! I love the assorted bits and pieces that you found at the flea market and then at the Antique Shop. Miniatures are everywhere and often where you least expect it like under a tree! Have fun with all your new treasures Karen!