Sunday, September 29, 2013

Gelatin molds finish in time for Trick or Treat Party


Trick or Treat, Smell my feet- if you don't give me something good to Eat. I can't believe as kids we said that but we did.  Is it too late to take it back?

This is a little ghost that I did a How- to about last year.  Go to Archives 2012 for the instructions.

Here are the gelatin molds I made the other day, trimmed up with other items on a treat table for a party.  The cupcakes are a How to from last year on my blog.
  The black cat  all that was added to it was a pair of  googly eyes.
 The cake is a lid from Oil of Olay, 3 tiers painted with white and orange paint, trimmed with white candy bones, and a skill in the center, black spider attached to the cake.
  The tray on the right end is a cookie tray filled with white candy bones and pumpkin heads.  These are the sprinkles for real cakes.  I put varnish over them.
  The gelatin mold with the bones in it has a skull with googly eyes.
  The orange gelatin mold I used black puffy paint and painted in the eyes and mouth, nose.  White puffy paint was put around the bottom and green puffy paint painted in strings to look like grass was added.  A black spider was attached to its face.
  The hand is a button with the shank cut of and made into a  tray for cookies, also candy treats sprinkles. 
These are from the craft and scrapbook store.  Just rounds with Halloween items on them.  I guess for bottle caps and scrap booking.  I cut them out and made paper plates with them.

This wooden jig is a paper plate jig from Dragonfly intl  The web site is
I purchased this at a show and just had the chance to try it out It makes great paper plates and the choices for colorful plates is endless with all the hard card stock in the scrapbook store.  Just remember to follow the instructions and slightly dampen the paper first.  It makes it a whole lot easier.



  1. Thanks for the tip about the plates. I was never able to get them to come out right. This looks like something I can use.

  2. Hi Karen! I love the creativity of using the scrapbooking rounds to make into paper plates! Very Clever! Your gelatin molds and other party fare is all very well done and I am ready to DIG IN!