Thursday, October 10, 2013

Potion Labels for Halloween 2013

This picture is taken from MSN.COM MUST SEE NEWS OCTOBER 2013

New Technology a 3 D copier.  This man is looking at a miniature 3 Dimensional copy of himself.  The  miniature world can use this process.     I don't know how expensive this is but it is now on my bucket list.  Think of the possibilities of this. You can get a 3D model of your child each year and actually see how they have changed.  A dog or cat could be made to be identical to your own.

Taken from The Graphic Fairy Web site  all graphics are free to use.  This one would be great enlarged on material for a larger pillow or a small pillow in mini size.    Perhaps a clock face.

 Hear no Evil, Speak no Evil, See no Evil  from the Country Door.

 A Halloween Sign

 More potion labels

For those of you who love Halloween and were not on this blog last year, Go to 2012 September and October and find a lot of ideas and more labels for potion bottles, as well as how to make a coffin out of an eyeglass case.

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