Sunday, October 27, 2013



An owl treat bag for miniaturization.  Print on hard card stock and use for treats  or flower arrangements.  Owls are quite in again this year.

A mini Tutorial by Lisa
This is a fantastic site and the Tutorial are the little bottles shown above, made out of gel caps from pills and resin.  The labels are available, free, on this site for you to print out.  Complete instructions are on this site.  The empty gel caps can be bought at the drug store, health food store.  Resin in put into the caps, finish off with a bead and use the labels on her web site.  Why didn't I think of that!
Thank you all for the comments of appreciation on the printies.  I can't take all the credit for it.  As you know I love Pinterest.  Every day my  personal home feed is like Christmas day.  The variety of items are eye candy to my soul.  Why? Because I choose who I want to follow with like interests.  Only those will come into my home feed every time I turn on my computer.  I will share the names of those that have fantastic miniature sites of their own and you can choose to follow them as well.  Most of these are printies, where they are getting them I don't know.  But they are fantastic.  When you go onto Pinterest and establish a free account, choose the left hand box at the top called search and type in any of these names.  It will open up to their boards and you choose the one you want to follow.  Then when they post, what they post will come into your home feed.    Debbie Booth, Donna Post, Lerryn Meza, June Seto, Teresa Beckman.  You can see their existing boards and what they have on them simply by clicking on that board title.  Right click to save any picture, it will go into your documents.  Then open your documents, right click on the picture and save to your pictures JPEG file. Then this will go into your picture file and you can print it out.  You can also type in Karen Young, (that's me) and see all the good stuff I save.  If you like COOKIES I have a ton of recipes on my board.  Oh, there's only about 200 Karen Youngs listed.  Mine is the one with the picture of the Koala Bear.
I always save a picture I like, even if I have no use for it.  Its faster to do that than to search all over again.  If you like it, you will use it someday. 


  1. Hi Karen, you are so right about saving a picture. It is a lot faster than going through Pinterest all over :-) I did search for Karen Young but come up with a multitude of pinners with that name :-(...

  2. I adore Pinterest! I'm confused about the "home feed". Is that something you have to set up? I follow about 76 people but I never know what they are doing or if new stuff has been added to their boards. Or do I but I don't know it? Just curious. I'm on a mission to find new miniatures. It seems like a lot of the stuff I've seen before. Maybe I'm spending too much time on there! LOL!


  3. Hi Karen, I am a new follower of your blog. Thank you for sharing the owl bag and the link.
    Regards, Ilona