Monday, November 4, 2013

Daydreaming on a New Moon

If I could be anywhere it would be right here.  A little cabin in the woods, preferably a stream or waterfall outside the door. It would have a large roaring fire popping in the hearth, with a large kettle of soup bubbling.  Bread and apple dumplings in the oven.  Coffee and apple cider  warming on a wood stove.  A large table with plenty of chairs and of course all of you to join me for a day of crafting miniatures.  That would be a perfect fun day. 

Shadow boxes are returning to the scene from the 1970's.  A lot can be done in a small room picture frame size.  As I get older the larger long term projects do not interest me as much as a box such as this.  It would be perfect to show off a collection of pottery, needle crafts, florals, or just a visual place to escape to.

With scrap booking being popular, many objects can be found for a box like this.  When I look at this, I see maybe a retirement box with  all of someones interests included in it.  Not much space taken, but a lot of stories going on in it.
Perhaps a present for someone who is older and reminders of  items or events in their past.
These pictures were taken from Pinterest.  A lot of you   asked about Pinterest and how to get your Home Feed.  Up next to the search box is another box with Horizontal lines going across.  Click on that and it gives you a whole lot of  specialized areas you could be.  I always close out with Home feed when I turn off.  That way everyone that I follow will come in the home feed when they post.  If you don't see anything new in the home feed, maybe they are not posting anything new, or pinning anything at the moment.  Every time someone pins an old pin, it brings it back to the top again.  So if you see it a lot, it is getting pinned     a lot.    Any time you go as far as you want on the downward bar, click on the red Pinterest on the page caption and it will bring you back home again.
I have been getting a lot of home decorating ideas for remodeling and furniture.  My Daughter recently purchased her first house.  I have been helping painting and fixing things with her.  It is a lot of fun to remake something into a beautiful, creative, eclectic item.  We found a lot of furniture pieces and have been remaking them over.  I hope to post some of these in the near future.  As I redo each item I am thinking,  This would be great in miniature!



Halloween is never over for us Miniaturists.  This paper would look great in a smaller version, especially in the hands of


  1. Hi Karen,

    Thank you for explaining the home feed. I never really "read the directions" for Pinterest but just jumped on in :-)


  2. For me it was the same ;)! Thanks for the explaination, Karen!