Wednesday, November 20, 2013


Fall is almost past and winter is near.  I did not see too much color this year, but saw a lot of rain.  So I copy over a lot of pictures of Fall and pretend I saw them. 
Any of the following pictures can be right clicked and saved to your picture file. 

If you are planning on doing any mini baking this year, this egg carton might be what you need.  Needs sized down just a little.  I have blogged about how to do this on other blogs this past year from your picture program in  Microsoft.  The only other thing is the eggs, use a mix of brown and white with translucent fimo clay and make tiny eggs.

These crate labels are very colorful and could be the ends on crates made from coffee stir sticks or made into pictures for the mini wall.

Just in case you are doing any baking this year you might need some of these.. Size down just a tad.  My secret recipe for chocolate chip cookies I am going to share.  You will have people tell you they are the best they ever ate.  So easy and very quick to make.  Make a batch before going to work.

Chocolate chip cookies

1 generic Yellow cake mix   15.25oz 
1/2 cup of oil-any kind  I use Canola oil or corn oil
2 eggs
1 tea. vanilla
1 bag of chocolate chips

Mix cake mix with eggs,  vanilla and oil.  Mix by hand until all dry ingredients are  absorbed.  Add chocolate chips and mix until blended.    Drop by teaspoon or cookie scoop and bake 350 degrees   for 12 minutes.  Another thing I use but is not available everywhere.  Powdered vanilla, sometimes found in a bulk food store.  It looks like powdered sugar and is much more flavorful than liquid vanilla.
This recipe makes 2 and 1/2 dozen cookies.  The generic cake mix is much more flavorful than the brand names.  I have tried them all but usually the store brand is the cheapest and the best.

Peanut Butter Cookies can be made using the same recipe as above but add 1 cup of chunky or plain peanut butter.  Sooo-good.  But don't take my word for it.  Bake some up and share and see the compliments come your way.

Some more colorful labels for cans or crates

A pretty clever cake from pin interest.  The web site is on the bottom.  Would be a cute one in miniature.

Finally a  message from Gertrude.  Eat more beef this Thanksgiving.!  Chicken and Turkey are so overworked this time of year, have a nice steak instead.  No matter what you have,  enjoy the day with Family and Friends doing something that is meaningful and Joyful for you.!    Finally be Thankful for everything that is a part of your life.  Without these events you would not be the awesome individual that you are.   

This is a project that has a How to Attached.  I did not do it, but it looks really easy and the instructions are very clear.  It is in French I think.  Ask you computer to convert it over into English.  Go to the right hand corner where the house, star and tools are.  You will find conversion in that area.  These are Holly hocks and look nice next to a Garden fence or gate.  Every farm house has these somewhere, they come back every year, after self sewing in the Fall, except for mine, the dog keeps peeing on that spot and they are afraid to come up. Too bad that stuff doesn't work on weed control!

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