Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Happy Memory of Pink Kitchen

I found these pictures off the Internet from someones blog.  My memory was instantly jogged into thinking about my childhood.  Events and memories started flooding back as soon as I saw these beautiful pink kitchen pictures. 
  The year was 1957, Christmas,  Straight from the Sears and Roebucks catalog,  under a Drum table with lion claw feet.  The most beautiful set of miniature furniture for my Betsey McCall Doll. Pink tin, just like the ones shown above.  I made food for it out of colored clay.  I laid there for hours just looking at it.  I made up pretend events going on centered around this kitchen.  My mother must have thought she was doing me a favor when we moved to our new house about 5 years later.  She threw them away.  .  For years I have looked at flea markets, on line on EBay and have never saw them again, until now.  I have put these pictures in a frame.  When I sit and look at them, more thoughts of that time come to mind.  If I can't have the real thing, a picture will do.  I once found  the refrigerator and it was all rusted, no doubt the one my mom threw in the dump.  I was tempted to purchase it at $45.00.  Not a steal, but for nostalgia's sake.  My stomach won out and I went to lunch instead.  I have on a want  list this pink tin kitchen set.  I believe I shall have another one day.  Not  a plastic one, but a real tin one, still in the box.  Maybe hid behind the attic rafters or slid behind a wall.   I like to Dream big!


  1. I have a washing-machine just like the one on the left. I found it from outside event where people where selling their old stuff. I instantly fell in love when I saw that pink washer! I have never seen that kind of dollhouse items before and it was obvious because it just didn´t look old, it really was! I found pictures and some info from internet. It was in pretty good shape when bought. Even the washing mechanism wheel inside the washer still works. Now I know that there is more of these kitchen items also! I still doubt that I would find more of these here in Finland. It was a miracle that I found even this one piece :-) !

  2. What a beautiful memory-Good luck in your search

  3. I still have my Betsy McCall and Tiny Tears doll and my sisters. We never had the miniature furniture as my father built us the most amazing furniture with a complete kitchen. We had table, chairs, bathinets, cribs, cradles and bedroom furniture. Sadly my mother was a get rid of it type person and "lent" it to her friend and it was never returned. Grrr.