Wednesday, November 20, 2013


This is Rudy the Company Scarecrow.    In another life he was a Fireproof Suit Model.  The Fireproof jumpsuit was needed, so Rudy stood behind the curtain in the buff and scared everyone by just being there.   We found him in various places and poses (with help) doing nothing in particular but the result was always the same. As you have guessed Rudy is a wooden manniquein in the style of the 1950's ones in the  old Department stores.  Not bad looking either.

  After having a few good laughs at his expense,  I felt compassion for Rudy and decided to let him become apart of our work Family and earn his board.  Borrowing some old clothes from my son, and a few fall decorations from my closet, he is now the latest member of our workforce as a scarecrow.  I covered his face with burlap, the fixed stare kind of bothered me.  He greets our customers, keeps watch over the lobby, and the best thing is he doesn't have to remember to use a time clock and punch in and out everyday.  Never a complaint, no feeding necessary and low maintenance.  That's my kind of guy.  I have selected him to be Santa Claus for the Christmas season.  We are working him in  our annual Christmas party as part of the decorations.  I will keep you posted.

This does have something to do with miniatures.  Instead of making a scarecrow that stays that way all year round, why not just use a doll and alter by dressing just as I did Rudy.   A little stuffing and straw, burlap and jute cord tied over the head, a flannel shirt and jeans, straw hat, a few blackbirds on the hat and shoulders, and you have a seasonal scarecrow.  Once the season is over you can turn him into an elf or Santa Claus for Christmas.  Snowman for January, St. Pat for March, the Easter Bunny for Easter,   Use an adult doll, or a small childs doll could be used the same.  Of course there is always Halloween.  Instead of having a dozen dolls, just have fun with one.

I have always wanted to do a Front Porch and change the season and holidays.  This would hang on the wall by the door so I could see it as I pass by it every day.  This character doll could be seated in a chair or swing on the porch.   I can see a new project in the making.

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  1. What a great idea, Karen, Rudy is the most perfect companion for you all there ;)!