Sunday, December 29, 2013




Christmas has come and gone.  I am just now getting in the mood for Christmas.  Every year it seems to be this way.  Maybe  the stress of it all or avoidance altogether.  I usually have my house tore up around the holidays and when they are all done, I start getting excited about Christmas that is over already.  I plan for the next year what I want to do, and the story repeats itself every year.
I had planned on doing a how to on mini chocolate mice, attach the above box with it.  Shown are the real size mice that my Grandson and I did today.  If you are not familiar with these, you take a Maraschino Cherry with the stems on them and dip into chocolate.  The tail is the stem, while still wet attach a Hershey kiss for the head.  Then use Almond slivers cut to size for the ears, gluing in place with melted chocolate.  The tiny candy eyes I get at the candy supply store.  Drop into a paper candy cup and you have a great gift or filler for a cookie tray.    When I first made these no one would eat them.  They took them home for all to see.  Mini mice could be made out of beads or Fimo, thread for a tail and tiny black beads for the eyes.  Rice paper cut for the ears.  This would be a cute mini project.
My cookie list went unattended, although I purchased all the items to make tons of cookies for gifts.  I got tapped to assist in the Corporate Christmas party and the cookies went to the back burner which never turned on so to speak.  I will probably start baking those and people will think they are left over from Christmas.  May be I will start baking them in April when everyone has broken their New Years resolution.
Another artist I found while searching the Internet is Joe Fig.
Do an image search and see his fantastic artist studios in Miniature.  He likes to make models of the artists in their studio with their style paintings in each.  A great artist that keeps our hobby in the news.   This is a great website of vintage pictures of men, women, boys and girls in separate categories.  Some are in black and white with just one object in color.  I love this site.  Instant relatives.  Mark it in your favorites, you will want to return to it.
AIM magazine, a free on line publication, has the 12 makes of Christmas on line.  The web link would not print here for me.  Google- Artists in Miniature, 12 makes of Christmas.  You will have 12 stockings come up with a number.  Click on the stocking and a new How to project will come up for each day.  Also there is an index of back copies of the online magazine. 
Google-Connie Sauve Americana in Miniature and see her wonderful red pick up truck full of farm produce and her wonderful dolls  My daughter got me such a pick up truck in miniature for Christmas, along with a set of cats and ducks.  It is just like Connie's red truck but mine is green.  I also got a Gooseberry Patch cookbook with the same green pick up truck on the cover filled with Farm Fresh Produce and flowers.  Looks like an idea waiting to happen.
I have stopped making New Years Resolutions a long time ago, so as when I break them or don't carry them thru, I am never disappointed in myself.  However I do give blessings on myself and I will for you as well.  I wish you the most Prosperous New Year, Health, Wealth and good Fortune.  May you have new creative ideas come into your thoughts that you have never had before, and the desire to fulfill them and share with others.  May you have Peace, Joy, Love,  for yourself and all you come into contact with.  I hope MINI exciting things happen in your life this year! 

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  1. I can totally relate to your Christmas season lethargy. I too have the same problems with Christmas and the lead up. I have great intentions as soon as everyone goes home about what I will do for next year..... until November rolls around and then I'd rather be doing my minis.....