Sunday, December 8, 2013

Randy Hage storefront art in miniature scale

Another fantastic Miniaturist keeping the Hobby alive.  This is Randy Hage, I found this on Pinterest.  He has a love for the disappearing store fronts in New York City.  His hobby is taking pictures of them and recreating them in miniature.  Looks like 1/12" scale.  If you google his name all kinds of articles will come up about his creations.  Also go to art you can see his creations.

  I think this would make a great way to display miniatures without taking up a lot of room.  Create a bakery, windows in the front will hold a lot of baked items.  Antiques, same display windows will hold a lot of items.  Hanging on the wall would be out of the way.

Perhaps you had a favorite store front growing up you could recreate.

When my daughter and I went to Chicago International a few years ago, in the Art Museum they have a fantastic assortment of books and postcards.  I was fascinated with a postcard of an old time corset shop.  The windows were filled with model dummies with corsets and other finery.  The sales clerk(he was good and I appreciated his help, otherwise I would never have found this fantastic book) saw my fascination and said here is a book I think you might be interested in.

The name of the book is called Store Front, The Disappearing face of New York, by James T. and Karla L Murray   329 pages of storefronts in Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens and Staten Island.     Ginko Press  2010 ISBN 978-1-58423-407-4    7 1/2"  x  8 1/2" in size.  This book has pictures of the store fronts and the history  behind each one.  I am not from a big city fan, but this book is just fantastic.  I love history and the stores could be made in miniature.  Any one that is from the area would love to have this book.  I look at it over and over again.

This would be a dream job! 

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