Sunday, December 8, 2013


 Rudy  is now dressed as Santa Claus.  You remember last month I blogged and showed him dressed up as a scarecrow.  Well he has transformed himself into Rudy Claus. 

He still has strange eyes and I put a pair of glasses on him. 

I decorated the tree with all items coming from the Dollar Tree.  Berry springs, acorn ornaments, red birds and tiny white lights.  It looks better in person. 
Now the Holidays are starting to occupy every one's time and mine is no exception.    Baking cookies, decorating for the Company Christmas party, shopping and helping my Daughter get her house fixed up
Why I thought taking Fiddle lessons at this time would be a good idea, I do not know.
That's the facts though.  I don't know how to read music and neither did the 11 others that walked into the class.  At the end of the evening 10 of those people were playing Mary Had a Little Lamb and one of us was faking it.  Wow, some people are just fast learners!!!  This is something I have always wanted to do and being a stubborn old cuss I will do this!  It comes with a CD to practice with.  The first night I discovered my CD player has a mind of its own and kept going back to play the tuning part.  I got that down pat.  I downloaded onto my computer, the sound will not go up loud enough to hear over the fiddle.  The teacher said you don't need to know how to read music to play, and the guy on the CD said the same thing.  First thing they wanted to know was what the notes were on the page!
Then they proceed to tell us to play them without telling us what they were.    I feel like the kid left behind on this one.  The guy I rented the violin from forgot to tell me I needed rosin for the bow and also did not give me the fine tuners on the end of the strings, he told me it self tunes and the teacher laughed on that one.  He also told me some violins don't want to be fiddles!  I guess he saw me coming since I called before hand and said I wanted to rent a fiddle.  Who knew they were the same!
I discovered the CD will play on my car stereo, but I find it hard to drive and play Fiddle at the same time.  Of course my life got busy as I said, and  being exhausted at the end of the day I find it hard to practice.  So, I  dream about playing a lot, and it doesn't sound to bad.  I  may be the only person kicked out of the LEARN TO PLAY THE FIDDLE IN 5 EASY LESSONS. TO MAKE MATTERS WORSE, I SIGNED UP FOR ALL 10 EASY SESSIONS.!!
I hope there is not a concert night, I may have to get the flu for that one.!

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