Saturday, December 14, 2013


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The above pictures are from a gift.  I was fascinated by the bag the gift came in.  Not saying I did not enjoy the gift, just saying the bag was over the top.  Each picture came in two sizes all over the bag.  I cut out each size and put them on the scanner to share with you.  However, static cling did not come in to the picture until I shut the lid  .But  straight or not you can enjoy the detail on these tiny signs for a shop, box, bag or restaurant or coffee shop, bakery, or snowman scene.  I thought they were just colorful and old time looking.
We certainly are in the middle of winter here in Ohio.  The roads were treacherous today and it certainly is a winter wonderland.    Perfect time to get caught up on things and start baking a few cookies.  I am working on a cookie tutorial with tiny buttons to be posted soon.  Look for it.
My place of Employment decided to do some community service today at a local Food Bank.  14 of us  mastered the weather to give 2 hours of our time to help pack food  boxes for the needy.  Quite an operation and so much food being used for a good cause instead of  heading for the dumpster.
It was the first time I ever saw a 50 pound Turkey!  It truly was a sight to see over 100 volunteers working together in unison, not complaining, working double time to get the job done.  This is probably something I will do many times again.  This kind of service has a trickle down effect but it starts with you.  Without donating those 2 hours today countless people would not have food  to eat and other items just to live.  If there is an opportunity in your area to do something like this I urge you to donate some time.  You will not regret it.


  1. Muchas gracias son preciosos!!!!

  2. Thanks for the signs. I know what you mean about volunteering. I was thinking people in your area would be really affected if they didn't have a way to get out in that weather and get food as well! Good for