Sunday, January 12, 2014


The area where I live we have Deals which is a store owned by the Dollar Tree.  In the children's section they had these neat game boards.  Four to a pack with tiny checkers that will become something in my miniature making.  I have saw these in larger sizes but this I can see as a sign board with pop or wine bottles.  In the center see what they look like on the side.  Not tipsy - 2 inches high and  1-3/4" wide with 9 holes.  This would work in a kitchen as well.

Meinards, a building supply store had these wood slices, about 50 to a jar for $2.99.  Thin wood slices from 1/2" up to an inch. These would be easy to make myself from a branch, but these are so even and dried out and won't crack.  They will be Fairy garden stepping stones or walls in a rustic cabin setting. They could be used as plates, or bases for tiny Christmas trees.     Also available in  the same size containers are tiny pebbles in every color of the rainbow that could be used for garden paths.

The first month of the year is  clean out of drawers time.  All the kids are gone now so its time to get rid of things.  I found this amazing pair of foot socks that were pulled back out of the donation bag.  By cutting each color out on the line there will be an assortment of rainbow scarfs for dressing winter dolls.  Cut the fingers off the gloves and you have little hats for the heads.  If the black glove is cut down a little further the hat will be black and the bottom portion will have another color on it.
These are coasters for glasses.  Looks to be handmade from wood and black walnut wood.  The other side has a ridge.  Would these not be beautiful tables for a mini tea shop?

Blocks called hexblocks.  Right now these  seem to be all over the place at resale shops.  Plastic, small like a stepping stone.  The centers are hard to see but they have rings going all around.  Look like tree rings. Cut the loops off and glue down for a garden path for flooring.
Fairy gardens seem to still be popular this year.  At Christmas time I took a trip to Olegabey Park Christmas tree Lighting  and they had a large greenhouse(the size of a large doll house)
filled with fresh plants and furniture and fairies.  The best  and most breathtaking sight was the tiny led lights they put all over the plants and mini trees.  I never thought about changing the scenery in my Fairy Garden to reflect the Holiday.  The display of mini furniture and accessories were so interesting.  Miniatures have found their way into the hearts of all ages once again.


  1. You've certainly got you miniaturist eyes in perfect condition :-) Seeing possibilities in objects everywhere. Isn't it fun and doesn't it feel good and inspiring :-) It will be interesting to see these in a project!

  2. This is so funny! I have EVERYTHING you have here but they are just sitting around waiting for an idea. Thanks for waking up my creativity!

  3. Thanks for the great ideas. I am planning my first fairy garden for this Spring so I have purchased a few things from Hobby Lobby for this project. I would have loved to have seen the greenhouse dollhouse all decked out for Christmas.
    Have a great week,